Jolly Pirate Sunday to all ye Scallywags!

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Ahoy Motherfuckers, and motherfuckettes!

It’s ol’ Silverbeard, and i’m back to share a plundering with me Hearties!




In the mists and the midst of the last few days i’ve been a busy drunk pirate! Y’Arrrr! Because there ain’t no rest for the wicked (and money doesn’t grow on trees...) and so i asked for consultation from my guru.

He read the corn...


And this is what he said: buy it dad, buy it all!

So i posed for selfie, and proceeded to get my shit together...


And now before we see the fresh lolly, i have some family history for you. Perhaps you remember me ol’ Pa “Canon-eye”
(Cheers 47!)

A fearsome and dreaded pirate in his day!


Depicted here (below) in the early days, with a “whale-bone” poison dart blower! He was pre-gunpowder and liked the dark arts...a pure pirate was my old man


And so me and his grandson went out for a looting! And in honour of ol’ Canon-Eye’s legacy, we did just procure some fancy new junk. Feast yer barnicles on these shiny morsels!


...bout’ $7.25cad each and we got some Georges too!



When it’s in yer blood ya have little recourse to a savings account


But many an opportunity to blow through your cash — my advice is to buy gold!


I asked Leon about it and he said: Och Aye, a worthy plundering...pour another Guinness!


I asked Charlie about it and he fed it right back to me!!! 😳😳😳



The kid’s been a sensation since he was 3 yrs old!!!


Finally, i think i may just have an answer to 510... that skillful mofo and stacking aficionado sent me the most badass thing ever and i’ve been struggling with my reply... well, it’s getting polished mo-Fuckah! Here is the mad-fuckery that i’ve been tryin’ to figure out how to “one-up.” @silverd510 actually built this thing with his own hands!



I’ve also got fat-e sorted, gpo is getting loot, and the wolf is going to howl! Damus-time Mofuckahs, it’s all getting done...

Shiver yer own timbers ya pervs! And bury your bones deep!

Cheers! from @thedamus



Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Reading the corm lmao! That treasure chest is awesome!

🤣🤣🤣 Cheers JB!

It makes sense as corn like gold is yellow. 😎

Happy mother's day buddy! Sounds like the game of One-ups is heating up! Silverd510's is gonna be tough to top! Let the games begin...

...still figuring out the details for 510, but i got yours put together 🤟😜

Nice Captains Log my friend..... that’s a beautiful treasure chest😀😀😀

Buddy, i’m still gob-smacked everytime i look at it! 😳😁😍🙏

I’m so glad you like it brother. You will always have the very first and original Silverd treasure chest. 👊🏻⚓️⚔️☠️

Avast! Thar be no comparison!


Not even close!!!!

Awesome face....he’s got the pirate spirit☠️

RRRRRRRR ☠️ raise the sails! It's that time again boys and girls!

Fill that chest with that fresh haul brother! It's looking too bare!



@thedamus now thats what Phuckin' #piratesunday is all about. More Silvery Treasure for the Captain...............

Y’Arrr Matey, t’is a fine day for a wee plunder!

Nice pickups TD! It sounds like your little confidants know what they are doing :)

Budding rapscallions they are!

Awesome post bro! Sweet treasure chest 😍

Thanks vessel! The chest is a work of art!

In Brazil today is Mother's Day. When you post a photo of so many shiny half-dollars, I feel like a mother receiving a gift from her children. Congrats to @mrs.thedamus.

Cheers Rono!!! We’ll getcha’ all sorted in due time 😁😁😁

Great post, Looks like you really enjoy the pirate thyme. Your #1 in our books to. lol

Thanks cajun! I do have fun with it i won’t lie

Nice to see that booty box getting some contents D ! Family pics are awesome dude !!!!

Thx buddy!

Where do you source all the coins you find? Local shops or online? I want to add to my stack as well, but I can only hit up my local shops once and awhile. Fun read all the same @thedamus!

Most of the coins and bars come from shops in and around Vancouver, but i do shop extensively on-line too.

You have a way of twisting your write-up to suits you explanation of things and event , am thinking of buying some old coins and hold for the long term maybe someday they might worth a fortune . Nice and entertaining post @thedamus

Thanks for saying hi O!

Your pirate history is cool. I think you should go looting as a pirate. Looking at these pictures they were fearless fighter i hav seen yet. Their expression could tell though. And lastly the corn you bought you can use it to make somes popcorns. And enjoy sunday. Besides this post is good. Upvoted...

캐리비언의 해적보면서 해적의 낭만?에 대해서 생각해봤네요!!

The steemsilvergold is going places @thedamus thanks for adding value to the steem blockchain . Great post you got up there , the metalsmafia is amazing 😉

Very happy you liked the blog 😁👍

Thats how pirates do it! I need get a chest like that one, luckily since the pour the stackitus isnt as bad,relieving to buy crypto again until it flairs up again and the urge comes back!

Now that is some fine loot and family time as well!! That treasure chest is a thing if legend!! Magnificent comes to mind! Keep your ship on course, rum stocked, and treasure hidden! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks Dwing, think it might be time for a bottle of Kraken!!!

Lol sir Its always time!! Thanks again pirate brother!

Your post is extraordinary cause it was fun reading through. 😃😃👍🏻
Stacking higher than a ⛰ mountain
Motherfuckers, and motherfuckettes!

I appreciated yr blog thnx fr shearing happy mothers day

Grab yer maties for the best booze cruise on the seven seas!

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nice posr with coin and ur family :)

Awesome post on SteemSilverGold. No matter how digital your assets can be, it's always best to hold some undigital coins. Cheers!

good to read it....It helpful for me. I have some steem loan. I really need it. God bless you

Inspirational post! You know what they say.. "To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart."

Its well...

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it is great post man you are great fan of steemsivergold it is showing this

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