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Hi Friends,

Call me what you will, but I enjoy reading Zerohedge... Perhaps you will think less, or perhaps more, of me than before — but whatevs, i’m not looking for accolades nor seeking permission. However, I did stumble across this ⤵️ gem earlier today, and it reminded me all I need to know:


You see, I have been following all the crazy brew-ha that is American, and indeed World politics, and though I can’t be sure, i’m fairly certain that the powers that be are making this (*these) election cycles so incredibly entertaining that all everyone can do is to express their outrage, non-compliance, “resistance,” or, full and foolhardy support for one liar or another, that We The People forget what all this asinine bullshit is about.

It is about power. And it is about money. And if you think somehow that endorsing one talking-head Vs. Another talking-head is all you need to do to take care of yourself and your loved-ones, then I have empathy for you. Your feelings are in the right place, but not your deeds.

Be you right, left, or upside-down, the truth is that you’re gonna’ need some power of your own — purchase power! So make sure you’ve got something that someone is gonna’ want — ‘cause you can trade that for something YOU want. Paper dollars (and “currency” writ large) is going the way of the do-do. It makes zero sense that it can just be conjured out of thin air for the benefit of the ruling class. It is absurd! It is not — BUT IT SHOULD BE — criminal.

And so without further adieau, nor ranting, I happily show you my humble moves for the day — to celebrate #fiestatuesday, to celebrate @silverd510, and to celebrate the best, and smartest! group of online mofoz & mofetz this jumble-fuck platform has ever seen. Steemit may suck balls, and spit out pubes right now but SSG is bigger than all of that!

They can come for my rewards, but I will still have me shiny! Y’Arrr my friends! 4 more ounces thrown on the ol’ loot pile.


Oh, I almost forgot... did you know they have to actually dig this shit out of the ground and then refine it at great cost?

Waaaaaaay harder than just keystroking!


I am @thedamus, I am SSG, and I stack like my future depends on it.



Happy Fiesta 🌮😋 my friend and that is some really AMAZING shiny you got there 😉 and Cheers on the 🍺🍻 have a Great day. Much love 🤗❤️

Nothing too pretty, but 4 mo oz is 4 mo oz!

I love it,❤️❤️❤️ @thedamus. I love the silver, and I love your article👍👍! Write that into a song, my friend! Keep stacking! CHEERS, and take care.😍👍

Thx saver! I’m beginning to play more... may have something for ya soon 😘👍

Love It Brother. Keep Bringing What is REAL @thedamus

Hot damn you are back again! Have a fiesta 🌮!

Love you finney! 😍👍


And for now we don't have to dig the stuff out of the ground and refine it, buenos dias my Pirate amigo! I read Zerohedge too. The comments can be hilarious.

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Y’arrr matey, t’is a good thing we’re miles away 😜👍

Well said TD. We do what we can, while we can. We keep stacking and the world gets further into dept. I suppose we will all need toilet paper and I know what ill be using . Cheers W

Indeed, money will get you through times of no toilet paper better than toilet paper will get you through times of no money 😜👍

Could’ve said it better myself. Glad you joined in brother this platform is going to shit. I got monkey slammed by some OCBD douche the other day with like a $4 downvote. 🖕🏻Asshole.

Nice addition brother👍

...just trying to be above all of it, and not give a fuck 😲😳😜🤣👍

Right on, right on. Shiny over paper any day. And your damn right, you can have steemit just leave me SSG. 😎🍻👍

Someday silver bars will be like: “holy fuck! That’sa Silver bar!”

Your future depends on it! And your children's future...

Those little bastards just went “up” too — 🤣🤣

Glad to see ya back TD! I have been trying to get back in the swing of things myself with both the posting and stacking. Haha!

Hear ya bro... I kinda’ hit the wall after I wrote about EVERYFUCKINGTHINGICOULDTHINKOF!

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