Cold Hard Cash

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Hi friends,

Well, I got my first new piece of shiny for the year. It’s just a single ounce in the form of a 2020 SML, but it made me smile nonetheless, and gave me more confidence that the future is indeed looking bright. With all the madfuckery going on in the world you can be sure that, whatever the case, more precious metals will make life easier. Here it is!



Still a beauty, and one hell of a classy dame!

Cheers! from the @thedamus


A MUST HAVE!!! The first 2020 MAples I've seen!! Congrats! STack on, my dearest @thedamus! Take care 🥰🌺🤙 and a ton of hugs🤗

Thanks saver! Hopefully the first of many to come 😜👍

Hiya kiwi! ...just made some bbq swine in the slow cooker... you would’ve deffo approved! 😜🍖

Yay! As soon as I saw a coin, a coffee and the great outdoors I knew I was looking a a Damus post! Looks like you are enjoying the snow too!

We are gonna be in Vancouver for one night Feb 22 for the hockey. Maybe we can catch you for a drink or food before or breakfast the next morning?

Stay warm!


Sounds good D! A coffee and a lootin’ perhaps 😜

It is good to see you back and ready to plunder with @dfinney.

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Thar be some loot to be had! ☠️💀☠️

Veey nice brother. I sure hope its bright👍

I’m trying the optimism just for shits and giggles bro 🤣🤣😂
...’cause shit ain’t easy, well I know 😝

Aye, nice to see ya back aboard Captain.
Keep making it count!

Cheers raven! We’ll empty the coffers at VBCE soon 👊

Nice! I haven’t bought any Maple Leafs in a while! Maybe it’s time to get to the precious metals shops in town!

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If this snow would let up...Now I will need to hike to the LCS my friend my 2020 stack is still empty LOL!!😇😀😳

A few ounces of this years offerings will give you 20/20 vision! 😜👍

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