Bigfoot Mail Call Whammer-Slammer!

in steemsilvergold •  18 days ago

Hi friends,

Well, when the stackitus is raging and the bank account is crying — you can always count on SSG to come through! Among a couple other things i found in my PObox this morning was a suspiciously awesome looking package


Postage got paid in Swedish Kroner so this must be @saffisara’s side of the trade that’s landing. Her and i cut a deal a couple weeks ago:

Ironman and Deadpool for a 2017 & 2018 Steem Round.

I sent saffi an SSG exclusive: #92 and COAs for both Rounds (and a Walking Liberty Half as a Christmas prezzie). Let’s see what’s in here:


Fak! I sliced the note! (...thedamus gets some scotch tape) and a sweet note it is!


What a sweety you are @saffisara! Okay, there’s some bubblewrap in here too — let’s check these Superheros out!



So killer! With the Ironman i now have the complete set. And thanks to @saffisara (and the largesse of @raybrockman) i now have 2 Deadpools. My stackitus has been both soothed and enraged by these two new coins. But wait...there’s more — and it’s not a second sham-wow carwash chamois...



Holy Crap! It’s a Bigfoot!!!



And it’s a piedfort alright — look at this badboy!


2 fat ounces of 999 and a confirmed sighting of the elusive beast of the Mountains. I freaking love this thing! And not just because it has often been opined that my spirit animal is a Sasquatch.

Very cool @saffisara — Thank you!

I looked around for the other three Rounds: Spidey, Thor and Black Panther but i forgot what i did with them — prolly in a sock somewhere lofl! But i will find them, and then play Marvel Universe in Ag with them some stony night in the near future. Also, i may give a Deadpool to the Assassin since i already gave Charlie a Spiderman for his growing loot pile.

Goodtimes friends! Get this shit when you can, and get as much as you can. The bottom for metals is most assuredly in, while very much of the rest of fiduciary instruments are sounding more and more out of tune, and indeed, are popping strings daily.

Check this shit out!


Wanna’ see what that looks like in a 5yr chart?


It peaked at 1,800 ounces a couple months ago. Got any other questions? ...ask Ray


Thanks again @saffisara — you stomped all over this one!!!

Cheers! from @thedamus


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I'm glad it finally arrived to your mailbox my friend 😃
So you really liked it then? I'm glad you did, I really like that Bigfoot myself and my captain ultra also badass 2oz.. Lol

Thank you for a great trade, my steem rounds makes me smile every day 😊 love em!

Thank you for being YOU and much love to you my friend 🤗🤗🤗Massive Butthug🤗🤗🤗


Kicking ass like an old schooler saffi! Thanks again Pirate. You’re making your ancestry proud

Amazing Bigfoot round. Is it a Swedish round?


I don’t think so rono. Saffi made a trade for it, or bought it i believe.


I bought it 😉👍 and as it was a unique one that I don't se anywhere again I bought 2😂😂hahaha
And I love the Bigfoot alot.
Not a Swedish round.. Only sent from a swede pirate 😜👍😉 lol

TOTALLY sweet of @saffisara.


Yeah, she’s really nice and fun too! And has come down with a bad case of stackitus 🤣

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Sweeetttttt!!! Thats a sack full of goodies right there. 🤔 50 to 1 dow, I am ready. One of 2 things will happen, dow falls or silver rises and either one I am good with.


I think both will happen — soon (ish) 😜👍

Once I wore these bigfoots (roots from Canada)


Crikey! You could take those babies canoeing ;)

Oooh I like the bigfoot!! Nice haul


It’s a stomper!

Love the super hero series. Great trade brother.👍


Cheers 510! Feels good to round up a series

I was just checking that round out yesterday. I may have to get one to go with my newly started Alien coin collection.


This one’s a natch fit for big, hairy dudes like ourselves 😜👍

You have the best mailbox in the whole wide world!😁


Whah...ya think? I heard ol’ Ray has his own USPS worker assigned!!! 😜😂😂😂

Awesome gifts and a fun post too! That's one hell of a 2 oz bigfoot coin. Love it. 😉


I’ve got an SML with a Bigroot privvy, but this is the real deal. 🤩👍

That’s cool to see you live where I came from. I grew up in the Vancouver area!

Love all of those coins, but I really love the Bigfoot coin! I may have to look those up on eBay soon!


Cheers shaun — good ol’ Van is still here 😜👍

I love that bigfoot coin!

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