Another Beauty!

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Hi friends,

I just had a most amazing cheeseburger. Titled “the Americana” it had everything right going on — man o man I wish I could share more than just a picture of it.

Whoop whoop - #showmeyourburger


I will be dreaming about this badboy tonight!



Dude. That burger looks to be the business......👊😎

This place has some serious science on their side 😁

Looks delicious indeed!

Just in time for a hearty lunch, Arrrh!

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Cannibal cafe on the Drive 😜👍 next time you’re in the city

So goood saver 😁😁😁

That one looks really delicious 😋 massive... now I wish I didnt eat chicken soup.... I want a Burger instead 😂 Hahahaha

It was the 💣

I belive you 🍔😋💣

!giphy bomb

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Is this home made? Is it from a restaurant? Did you remove the pickle before eating or just chomp down as is?


From a resto called Cannibal Cafe, and yeah I removed the pickle first — but deffo put the chimp on it!

I've already eaten tonight, but I could definitely find room for that 👀

Buddy, i’m Seriously considering going back for another one 😜👍

That looks real good brother. Dam im hungry

Squishy and crunchy and juicy and delicious! 😎👍

Totally awesome!

I hate cucumber and onions, but the rest is a very pleasant view.

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You would’ve loved this one rono!

What a nice burger!

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