15 Troy Ounce Lace Wood Pour

in steemsilvergold •  10 months ago

What’s up Steemit, today we are showing a bar I have finished that was poured into Lace Wood.
First of all I think I’m in love with this style of wood. I’ve poured many bars in different woods and by far I think I love this one best.
The relief to the secondary grain is so gorgeous it’s hard to stop looking at it once you do. If you zoom in you can see the obvious top relief but if you look at the secondary grain you can almost see a another layer trying to start to come up.
As stated this bar is 15 Troy ounces and Is 4” x 2” and about a 1/4” thick. It is a third pour and the mold is toast😢
A few more shots
Thanks for looking today, I appreciate it and I’ll see you tomorrow✌🏻

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Love the wave-like outcome!!

It is amazing what you did with your logo! Master artist!


That's an absolute beauty bear! I still don't have any wood pours im gonna have to get summit of you soon! Keep at it bud 👊

Excellent gatoring on that pour. Awesome job Bear.👍

oh wow I have no words to express how I feel about this bar it is amazing and putting your logo on the texture side all deep like that is dominating the whole bar is jaw dropping thank you


I literally beat the shit out of it to get it that deep✌🏻

Most beautiful bar brother! 😍


Damn right

I have to ask, is this one taken and do you accept steem as payment because I have no cash right now?

That is one sexy bar! Nice heavy stamp on the front 😳

Absolutely beautiful bar!! I am so proud and honored to have the sister bar to this amazing piece! Great post and thank you for such a kick ass bar my friend, I will treasure it for as long as I'm alive!

WOW! So, you wanna sell it to me? I could stare at that all day, and if I could touch it, things could get weird ;)


Oh they can get weird😂 it is a beauty to look at and if you do really want it, get ahold of @pit-bullion ✌🏻