Reviewing some silver

Hello my friends and fellow stackers it's teenagecrypto. Today we are doing a review on money metals silver coins. So my grandfather purchased these recently and gave them to me in a plastic baggy which came with authentication as well as the two coins. So the first one is the don't tread on me coin which is shown here: zknqfh.jpg

You won't see it but there is a coin on the other side which is the next piece I will be showing you guys and gals. I was going to take pictures of both sides but I forgot at the time. xx0dgg.jpg

The next coin has the boston tea party on it. Overall I think these coins are wonderful and shiny. I did some research and it seems money metals has a good fanbase of collectors. Apparently some of there prices on things are pretty good and only a little bit over market price. I am still saving up my hive to buy a gold bar or a big silver bar eventually so stay tuned for that. I know some silver pourers in the community who can make great things. I also am giving away some beer tokens to subscribers of my youtube channel now so if you are subscribed you have a higher chance of getting some when you stop by. My YouTube is Rez night and I'm almost at 1k subscribers. I still will give tokens to anyone who gets here first. I am glad to share my stories of silver collecting with all of you. My grandfather chooses coins he thinks I will like and he always gets them from different companies with a different design each time. He chose money metals this time lets see what he chooses next. Also for all you dog lovers I recently took my poodle to get groomed and I think he looks like a fluffy chewbacca. h3b6u3.jpg

Happy 4th of July everyone

Yours truly, teenagecrypto


The Melt Value of Silver will soon be at 350 Fiat Dollars per Ounce...
Hold on tight...
July 5, 2020 16.1 Hollywood Time...