What junk silver is in your trunk? + 4 half dollar addition to the Monster raffle!

in steemsilvergold •  4 months ago

@eaglespirit posted about an old quarter she picked up and it inspired me to dig through some junk silver I have but never took a good look at them.


I noticed her walking liberty coin and remember seeing that before in my Kennedy and Benjamen half dollar stack. It suddenly became clear to me that I should take a closer look!


This is great, not only did I find 22 walking liberty's, I also had some very old Barber halves mixed in! (woohoo)


Most of the coins are very worn out and only worth the melt value of around 5 0r 6 bucks in crappy fiat. There is some special feeling I get from holding a coin that old that has held it's value for more than 100 years.

Big bonus


I am adding 1 of each half dollars to the @ssg-community monster raffle so you can have some junk in your trunk. They are not in the best shape but are pretty cool! I hope you win this junk pack that complements the 2 ounce sports pack that I donated also!

My next post about the junk in my trunk will be about what I find in my bag of quarters. I will have to go through the dimes as well.

Check your stack, you never know if you have winner till you look!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!

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Very nice, I will have to look through some of mine!


Yea, come out of the stacker closet!

this is awesome and why junk? thhought these were worth more bc when shtf theyre lucrative on their own standing. get it get it? hehe


I never understood why they call it that but they do! I still shtf will happen soon!

I am a fan of junk silver, so thank you for the plus donation to the Mega Raffle 2.0.
I am resteeming to increase the visibility to the Raffe.


Thanks Ron, I appreciate all your support!

Hi @tbnfl4sun. That isn't junk in your trunk, it all has value.


LOL, I never did understand why they call it junk, It is what it is I guess my friend! 😁

I have a weakness for barbers, but tend to like them in a condition that moves quickly up the price ladder and straight to numismatic vs stacking purchases. Great add to the raffle!


The nice ones sure go up in price, not too many sitting around that haven't been discovered.

One man's Junk Silver is another man's Treasure Trove of Value...


I agree it is definitely not junk!

This looks cool and is silver, but the minmal wear and the word "copy" on the back tells me it's probably worth whatever that much silver is worth. It's fairly heavy.


Cool I have to blow up the pict and take a better look!


Ehh, I looked it up and they are usually silver plated, not solid. Bummer.

This is a serious addition to your donation for the Monster Raffle. These 4 half dollars are about 1.4 total ounces. Great addition.
I always look through my junk silver for dates and mintmarks.


Thank's I have to get a magnifier and get a better look at them!

I like the old dirty stuff, its full of character and history, cheers mate.


Cheers to you!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

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wow that 1906 coin, 100+ years old and still looking nice without capsules

Can anyone tell me if this coin i have has a value and how much would it be? I had posted this coin on my blog before. It is an1876 type 2 seated liberty.


Trade dollars tend to be valuable, but they are also counterfeited too. I am not qualified to authenticate a coin. If it were in better condition, it might be worth the expense of having PCGS or NGC grade and authenticate it. There are 3 different mint marks for 1876, and there are two variants listed for each mint mark (look for and click on the [+] ) on the pcgs site....not that PCGS "prices" should be used as any kind of price guide. You can find PCGS graded coins, maybe some in similar condition, on ebay which will give you a better idea of their value.

I don't have much experience with coins, and none recently. But some the edges on the coin look kind of dirty, and I am wondering if that is what's left of the coin's original patina. Collectors tend to prefer a coin with the patina even if it makes a coin look dirty, and cleaning coins can seriously impair their value and should never be done (save for coin fossils that you might see from ancient junk coin peddlers). But I have no clue as to if the coin was cleaned.


There appears to be a mark that seems to say "COPY" above her Raised Hand... Don't bother having it Graded...


Really? But i cannot see such word in it. U probably imagined the markings as such. Anyway thanks for ur reply.


After enlarging it, what I thought was an upside down Copy turned out to be something else... Sorry... As per my Theory, there will be a new Trade Dollar...

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