How to get silver at spot price!

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Thanks to @silversaver888 for posting about this great deal!

With the price of silver being in my mega buy zone, I have been looking to add to the stack any way I can. After seeing a post that @silversaver888 did last week I added 20 ounces at spot price with free shipping. (Boo yaa)

Here is a link to her post,

I scooped up on 2 deals for new customers, one was 10 ounces from Monumental metals and the other was 10 ounces from JM Bullion.

I like these buffalo rounds, they are always affordable with a low premium over spot. Getting them at spot price was a no-brainer for me.

Show me the coins already!


2 down and 2 more deals to go at SD bullion and Silver gold bull!

You have to be a new customer to get these prices so that's why I'm doing this. Now my inbox is getting hammerd with deals, my stacking addiction has been getting the best of me this week!

Keep on stacking my friends!

Thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!

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WOW, AWESOME DEALS!!!! Congratulations, @tbnfl4sun! Action is what makes the difference in any opportunity presented to us. I admire you for taking action! I appreciate the mention in this article. I am so glad to be of help! Have a beautiful weekend, my friend. I resteemed this article!


Thank you for showing us all this great deal, I think this window of oportunity is comming to an end very soon!

I scooped up on 2 deals for new customers, one was 10 ounces from Monumental metals and the other was 10 ounces from JM Bullion.

I have purchased some from another dealer as a new customer.

The catch:

  • limited quantity only

And, they will call you again and again to sell ya ...


I just get emails, they can be put in the spam folder, No calls yet!


I just get emails,
They can be put in the spam
Folder, No calls yet!

                 - tbnfl4sun

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is something that just now crossed my mind... We've been seeing the Price of Silver go down, down, down for Ten Straight Weeks in a Row now... This Week leveled off with no loss... Have you noticed the Price of Silver Bullion Coins from the U.S. Mint...??? I haven't checked for a while... I just checked... One Uncirculated 90% Silver Dollar, Dated 2018 for $53.95... Is there a Story here...??? That's half way to my 100 Federal Reserve Note Dollars for Silver... Which I think will be about One Dollar in U.S. Coinage after the Reset...


Wow, I haven't looked lately either. Hmmmmm could we be getting closer to the reset?


I suppose we're still waiting for the Right Moment...

very nice. But how do I contact? It will be really good for newcomers.

Thanks for the info. I may start my silver stack that way...


No problem, It is a great way to start!

Hi@tbnfl4sun. These prices won't last, they never do. I am glad you are in a position to take advantage of the market prices. Just keep stacking.


Thanks, it took a lot of determination and luck to be able to save up for this rainy day!

excellent prices! thanks for sharing


Your welcome!

That they are allowed to make these rounds that look so much to the real (gold) Buffalo. Have a nice weekend.


It is pretty cool, I don't have any of the gold ones yet.

That is the best way to stack. It is a pity that we only can buy once at each company...


Your right about that, we would clean them out for that price.

These would be a heck of a deal especially at these prices. Cheap way to grow the stack too! Congrats @tbnfl4fun.


Thanks, Im always watching for the good deals!

We ordered 2 spot deals and are waiting for them to arrive what, great way to add to the stack!!


Your going to melt them into something else aren't you.


Hahaha yes we are!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you for the support!

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very nice!!! yes ive used them for that too woot! lovely haul woo hooooo

Buen post. Gracias por compartir hasta luego