This has Nothing to Do With Stacking Silver, It is One Of Those Posts Where You Just Want to Smell The Roses, Even if They're RATS !

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Sometimes We Just Need to Go Out and Smell The Roses. I Know We Like to See our Friends that Show Us Their Latest Pickups from Online or The LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) When It Comes to Precious Metals, because the TRUTH is it's all About The Ounces..........

These Pictures Have Nothing to Do With Stacking Ounces of Silver. These Pictures are About RARE Beauty That You Will not See Everyday........

Next Year is the Chinese Lunar Calendar Year of The RAT. This Is What it Was Like to Have The Proof Set from The Series II Year of The Rat (Mouse) Perth Mint was Being PC. It is Actually The Year of The RAT........Enjoy !

The Side Edge of The Box With The Number of This Set......Only 366 of These 3 Piece Silver Proof Sets Were Minted in 2008.....

Certificate of Authenticity

Reverse of the Certificate of Authenticity

1/2 Ounce Rat

Queenie on the Obverse of the 1/2 Ounce Rat

1 Ounce Rat

Queenie on the Obverse of the 1 Ounce Rat

2 Ounce Rat

Queenie on the Obverse of the 2 Ounce Rat

The Three Piece Set All In The Box

Thank You For Taking The Time to Smell The Roses With Me.............

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Very nice! Great 3-coin set. I will not be surprised if you have the entire Lunar 11! Congratulations, @stokjockey!

That is Why I am The Most Interesting Man in The World.......@silversaver888
Thank you for Being the Very FIRST to comment.

Greetings @stokjockey, very creative your post, I liked this coin game, thank you for sharing it...

Thank You @jexus77 I am glad you stopped in to see The RATS..........