I Love Days Like This When I Have Nothing to Write About and I Can Just Show a Couple of Pictures of a Silver Bar.......

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

You Know were Getting Closer Everyday to the Current Financial System Just Going Off a Cliff, I can Sense It...............

When That Happens You Know People Will be Pissed Off !!!

Maybe PANDA Bears will be Too...........

Are You Stacking Any Precious Metals So That you can Become Your Own Bank Once Your Bank Turns Out the Lights ??

If You Want to Be Your Own Bank it Starts with that First Step. I am my Own SWISS BANK and It Starts Tonight With Just One .999 Silver Bar..........

This is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, I am Only Showing You what I am Doing and It All Starts With The FIRST Silver Bar or Silver Eagle or Silver Round.........

Get Your FIRST Ounce of Silver and Become Your Own Bank !!!

That's It Short And Sweet, You Know You Can do It..........

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BYOB — Be Your Own Bank 😎👍👍


You Got it Brother !!


Bring your own Bars.

Nice bar as usual bro