Essayeur Fondeur, Made In Switzerland.......United States Landmark Buildings on Silver Bars Serialized......

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It is #PirateSunday but this is not going to be my Main Pirate Post for Today.................

I Just Wanted to Snap a Couple of Pictures and Show you Some Scarce Silver Bars in the 1 Oz. Size that may Cross your Path..........

Two of These Silver Bars I know had a Mintage of 5000 Pieces The John Hancock Center and The Sears Tower...........

The Third Silver Bar is the Bank of Chicago, my Source Silver Bar Guide does not list a Mintage for this Bar but It would probably be in the 20,000 to 30,000 range just looking at and making a Serial Number Observation...........If anyone knows the Mintage and can sight a Source of the Mintage please share with the @ssg-community...........

The Reverse Side of the Silver Bars....

All of there Silver Bars were made in Switzerland in 1973 so I guess that would make them Vintage. I Love Vintage Low Mintage Silver, it's just more Fun to Pick Up when you come Across it............

Thanks for Looking and Commenting and Remember it is #PirateSunday #21

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I like this kind of bar, those that show geographical or historical places.

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I have a bar that looks just like those but the sides are stamped with AUSTRIA and ÖSTERREICH, the back is flat and it's weight is 3.21 oz.
I bought it at an antique show at close to the silver price back then, but know nothing about it's history.


That is a Silver Bar Minted by the same Switzerland company......

@stokjockey I like seeing these bars as I was born in the windy city of Chicago! Been to the top of two of those buildings many times! Those bars are sweeter than candy!!

Love some of these bars. I've been trying to find Cowboys rounds and bars. Found some but they were pretty pricey. Had a very high premium in my mind.

Excelente post amigo feliz dia

I love these bars!!! It kind of makes me feel torn...bars or mene...hmm...