A Short But Sweet Post This Morning, The Great Lakes Mint had an ERROR Silver Art Bar in 1973

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This Was One Ounce of Silver I Gladly Picked Up from one of my LCS's (Local Coin Shoppe) Yesterday.........

I Just Thought I would Share This Small ERROR in Spelling With Everyone this Morning.........

I Guess Great Lakes Mint did Not have a Proofreader Looking at Their Silver Art Bars before they were Released to the Public.......ERROR in the Spelling of Israel..........
It was the 25th Anniversary in 1973 of The State of Israel and the Misspelled It "ISREAL"........

It Happens and Mistakes in Silver Bars usually Make them More Valuable and Wanted for the Mistake........

The Reverse of the Silver Bar.........

Now We Are Going to Do Our Favorite Thing that I like to Do in These Vintage Silver Art Bar Posts. Let's See What She Weighs.......
I Like It a Little EXTRA Silver for the Money.

Flip it Over just to Check The Weight on The Other Side...........
The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/20/2020 when I Post This is $18.43......

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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An error bar.... it reminds me of the only error silver bar that I have... a JM bar double strike!
Thanks for sharing, @stokjockey, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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That is Right Ms. Saver You do have a BEAUTIFUL ERROR Silver Bar in Your Collection. I think that ERRORS on Silver Bars will command Nice Premiums as more and more People Realize how Scarce they are in the Future. I Remember When you Showed that Silver Bar and it is so COOL !
Have a Wonderful day Ms. Saver and we will talk soon I am sure..... @silversaver888

Hmmm, having spelling errors in my blog don't make them more valuable 🤔 . I must be doing something right wrong rather than wrong right.

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Baahaha, gotta work on that "wrong right" ;)

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That's One way You can Look at It. @kerrislravenhill

Interesting. Do you have an idea of the mintage? Were all misspelled?

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5000 Pieces were struck with the Wrong Spelling. 8100 Pieces had the Correct Israel, Thank You for asking so It made me go look it up.........

I wonder how many they made before they realized the mistake? Nice bar @stokjockey plus extra for free!

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Since they made 5000 with the Error they Realized they should correct it.........

A little extra Silver is always so nice @stokjockey!🤗 You got be in the habit now, I check every new round LOL!!😀😇

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