New GC2018 Commonwealth Games Coin set relesed

in steemsilvergold •  9 months ago

A couple of weeks ago I posted Silver Coin celebrating the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games today I saw they had released a special set of 3 x $2 and 4 x $1 coins through Woolworths supermarkets, so I jumped in the car a went down to grab a set.
I’ve taken a few pics on my iPhone but can’t get the focus right on the individual coins, if you’d like to get a better look at the individual coins, you can check then out on the Royal Australian Mint or Woolworths website. Since the set is only $15 that’s a great value souvenir of the GC2018 Commonwealth games.



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Cool looking set of coins, I'm looking forward to the start of the games, something worth turning the TV on for, cheers mate.


We’ve got tickets for the closing ceremony and have now booked a couple nights leading up to that. Looking at tickets some events but at the moment it looks like badminton might be the only one we can get affordable tickets for us all. There are a few open events like the cycle road race we’ll be able to go to but will see if anything else pops up.


Sounds like a few days of fun coming up for you and the family, you might be able to jag a few free tickets to fill empty seat that no one can afford. Cheers mate.

The coins look great and i'm sure they look better in real life, exciting times for the Gold coast and the rest of Australia, looking forward to reading articles about your experience at the games :)

Cool looking coins :D i used to live on the gold coast i wish i lived there now so that i could be close to the games x


I’ll try to do a few posts while we’re down there to share the fun.