I miss this coin

I started collecting bullion and coins about five years ago. I was looking for a way to ensure my families survival in case of an economic collapse or similar. it turned into a true passion. I had made some mistakes in my life and was finally back on my feet. After almost two years of religious weekly bullion purchases and graded coins when I could. I finally had a chance to get a real badass coin. I had gotten my taxes back and was watching an ebay auction for the pictured 2012P America the Beautiful Hawaii Volcanoes 5 oz SP70 coin. Mine was a Mercanti signed one though, the one pictured isn't. I won the auction with a last second bid of $875.00. I would receive the crown jewel of my collection in about a week. After this one I got the Denali, Yosemite, Yellowstone and white mountains 5oz coins of the same set. I was on my way to a serious collection. This collection was kept in a small safe in the bottom of my closet. During this time I also found a love for wheat and indian head pennies. I would buy rolls by the box and spend days searching through them. all this effort paid off with finds like a 1922 no D a 1931S and a 1909s indian head.

I came home from work one Friday afternoon to find my front door wide open, wheat pennies all over my driveway and my bathroom window smashed in. As I walked through my house (rental) my heart sank to the floor when I noticed all the items from the closet all over the bedroom floor and my little safe was GONE!!. I had thought about bolting it but didn't want to lose my security deposit for putting holes in the floor. later on id find that this wouldn't have mattered anyway. So just like that, two years of working ten hour days, side jobs on the weekend and scrapping any metal I could find was gone in a flash. Estimated value of over $30,000.00 . . . gone. They didn't get everything though. I had some 1950s and early 1960s proof sets and mint sets along with some good pennies and my crown jewels , the 5oz ATBs, in a shoebox on a shelf. Kind of a diversion safe.

The police were ZERO help. I wont get in to that now. Later that week I want out and bought a large gun safe and bolted it to the floor. I had done the math and $800 security deposit was less than $30,000 of gold silver and coins. I started rebuilding my stash. Within three months I had somewhat mentally and emotionally recovered. I had the beginnings of a decent collection again. I had returned home from visiting my parents around 8pm one night. I unlocked the door and saw my little terrier mutt looking at me from under the table, usually he is going crazy to see me. As I walked over to see him, something really hard hit me in the side of the face. with the taste of blood in my mouth I stumbled and saw a tall masked figure pointing a pistol at me. Without even thinking my combat training kicked in and I lunged for the weapon. From my blind side came another smash to the face followed by knees and elbows and fists. Another pistol wielding masked bad guy. Reality settled in and I knew my daughter was out with her mother but I didn't want to end up fatherless over some coins and silver. I was forced at gunpoint to open my safe. Once it was opened they threw a bed comforter over my head and knocked me to the ground. a knee with roughly 180 lbs behind it was buried in my lower back and the business end of the pistol dug into the back of my head while the other guy helped himself to all my hard earned loot.

This time I was wiped clean. Financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.One again the police were useless, threatening to arrest me for firearms they found in my house during the evidence collection. the guns were legal. I couldn't afford to fight a legal battle at this point, especially from jail. They said if I drop the charges then they can not persue the guns that were found in the house.  This incident really put me in a bad place. The post traumatic stress for my Marine Corps combat tours came back with a vengeance. I had gotten laid off from work  about a week before . This was my lowest point in a long time. After a short case of the poor me's, I was back at it again, finding a good lawyer to file my divorce. I had learned that it was my wife that had told people where to find the safe the first time and told them the second time when to be there to get me when her and my daughter wouldn't be home. what gave it away was the second robbery. I had to unlock the front door. there were no signs of forced entry. somehow they got a key. well, there is only one other person that had one other than me. She never admitted it but, she never denied it either.

I started buying silver again about a year ago. I don't keep it in my house anymore. Not much anyway. I never told anyone but her what I bought. Obviously I don't tell anyone anything now. I don't know why I wrote this. I didn't intend to tell this story when I started it. this is the first time ive really opened up about the whole drama saga even if it is to millions of total strangers. Its progress, it helps. even if no one reads it . Nothing in this story is dramatized or embellished. this is a true story of events that happened to me in my life.

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Man, thats bad. I dont know what to say, it wont help you anyway. I just hope I dont get in such situation. I prepared for it, but its always uncertain how it plays out. Propably not good for all involved.


All true beatminster. the lesson to learn here is to protect yourself by being careful about who you let into your life. That's what Stay in the Gray is all about. I adopted the philosophy after all these events . even though I had always subliminally acted gray. now its always active. stay in the gray means ,blend in, be forgettable, not noticeable. This is for my daily life ,of course not on platforms like steemit. Here I can be me. I don't tell anyone about my silver and gold. I don't tell anyone about the one year food supply I have. I don't tell anyone about my armory or ammo supply. I don't tell anyone my schedule or where I'm going or what I'm doing. I am a total mystery to everyone now. that's the prepper in me

What a brutal story! My heart goes out to you. I'm glad to hear that you still have the fortitude to continue stacking after those two incredible setbacks.
Upvoted and Resteemed.


Thank you sir stacksalot. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I know this for a fact. Because I am now better off than ive ever been. Marines don't just curl up and die. We don't hav e it in us. I haven't been in the Corps for Eleven years but Ill a Marine. I followed too. thanks again.

Man, that's a tough thing you went through, but you endured, that's the most important part. Thanks for sharing, and opening up.


thanks for reading and responding fat-elvis. I follow everyone that replies. I have endured and I learned a lot going through all that. never to make the same mistakes again

Wow, silver and gold is not always a safe investment, once people find you are a stacker, they want the easy way in. Take. I'm sorry for your loss. @ironshield


I started buying silver and gold because I don't see good things happening to the dollar. I don't trust banks. and I wanted to have a hedge against a down economy. a lot of people laughed. all I could say is 1933. they are like, huh. I tell them that in 1933 the government declared gold illegal to own over an ounce. The banks didn't have a choice but to cooperate and open up all safety deposit boxes and let government agents have at it. This is why there are no US gold coins after 1933 until I think 1985. A few years later the government removed the gold ban and offered to sell everyones gold back to them . . .but they set the gold rate at about 3-4 times what it was when they took it, basically increasing their wealth threefold. My question is , what is to stop them from doing it again. Any history buff will tell you that history repeats itself, if we let it. I put my stacks in burial vaults now. I'm the only one that knows where they are.


I re-read the post, the section in code brackets, I had missed the part about your former wife. I am so sorry, that is a despicable thing she did. @ironshield

That sux when you don't know who to trust. I'm glad you have rebounded and are back at it. Keep stacking.


Thanks lesvizable. I just don't trust anyone anymore, except mom n dad of course. I have rebounded and I'm doin better than ever. I would be nice to have what I had with what I have now but so be it. it was an expensive lesson to learn but I have learned

I feel for you man , thats terrible. I would be toally crushed and depressed afterwards.

Its amazing that steemit offers a platform where we can learn from listen to, help and comfort and support one another.

I wish you all the best bud!


Thanks. My daughter is my driving force that keeps me goin and getting up every time I get knocked down. The Marine Corps gave me a lot of tools to deal with life on lifes terms. I am loving Steemit and the people I come across on here. This is only my second day active. My next mission is to find out how to start a new category for my servicemember , combat veteran , brothers and sisters and give them another resource to talk to each other about their experiences and help each other cope. I am open to all suggestions. Thanks again for the kind words and support

Wow, scary stories


It can happen to anyone silvervader. learn from my mistakes and just please be careful. God bless

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@stay-in-the-gray, Wow, what a story! And what a great attitude you have regarding your losses and lessons. Those were some pretty hard hits. Your responses really show the kind of quality person you are. I am humbled and inspired by your story.