Tick tock, tick tock, the end of another month


Hello Octob..... ohhh wait!! Thats gone fast. Can it be approaching November already? You know what that means....

This is just the quick, end of the month, update to give you fine community members the heads up on what to expect for next months subscription.


Lease rates are still over the 30%APR range, so ill use todays market rate to calculate what a gold level membership would cost for the month of November.

Todays rate 32.90%

While delegating Steempower is still the preferred option, it was decided that being able to pay in liquid steem to the value of SP will be accepted.


By pressing a few magic buttons, the 2500SP equivalent @32.4% comes out to 910 steem per year.

910/12 = 75.83333333

This months contribution will be 75.8 steem.


With Halloween fast approaching, I knew you could push some magic button's!🤗😇😁
Carry on my good man, the checks are in the mail😇

Mmmmm, I love when you push the magic buttons.......Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm magiiiiiic buuuuuttoooooooons...


Turning Steem into Gold...
October 27, 2021... 0.5 Hollywood Time...

Wow very much steem power

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