Super quick update... kill 5 minutes and give it a read


As the title says...... this is just a very quick update on the finances of the @ssg-community account here on #steemit. So, although this isnt mind blowing information, i do think that it is important to maintain transparency when managing the community funds, so this is where we're currently at:


After the community account's autovoter went down for a full 24hrs, anf i had to manually upvote you all, which knocked VP dpwn to low 80%s, all is working smoothly now and VP has returned to mod 90% levels.

We are currently handing out 76000 steempower upvotes to GOLD level members on a daily basis, with hopes that we will be pushing back towards 100k SP very soon.


The community account has grown its own SP holdings rather substantially these past few months. Weve grown from just under 5k SP to just over 15.5k SP.

This is both a good thing and a small speed bump in the long road that is our journey together here on the steem blockchain. What i mean by that is, we used to regularly powerdown SP to aquire more leased steempower from thenopen market, but since we paused powerdowns, ive had less liquid steem to chase those extra leases. We're in NO problem of maintaining current leases and increasing SP by building our own reserves, but with limited regular income, ivenhad to cut back on the big spending.

This will cause a short term lower ROI (still profitable) while we build up our own sp, which will inevitably lower monthly subscription once our own SP has increased substantially.

My end goal is to make the @ssg-community account free for all members, whilst continually growing the accojnt through curation alone.

Does that all make sense??


If youre happy to continue with this plan then you dont need to do anything, butnif you do have any questions, please drop a comment below or hit me up on discord.


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Awesome roadmap/ plans @welshstacker!! SP from 5K to 15.5 K I think you know what you are doing...carry on my friend!🤗

Yes it does but you don’t 🤣😂🤣😜

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