Release the Kraken!

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Hi lovelies! — it’s me, Precious

Now i’m no economist, nor do i claim to be any kind of fortune teller — i never liked the garb — but i have been around the reef a few times and seen many a ship of fools scuttled by their bravado, and i believe there’s another one about to bite the dust, or sea-floor as it were.

It has been smooth sailing for the elites abord the Titanic: caviar, luxury accessories, expensive real estate that only appreciates, and the smugness of a team that has forgotten what losing looks like, or ice-bergs for that matter.

But i believe that is about to change... There is another ship about to come in called ‘the Reality’ and it ain’t so pretty as a yacht in the Mediterranean.


And while it is still afloat, one wonders how its cargo of debt, empty promises and derivatives of said negatives are going to ultimately satisfy anyone. Smart people are beginning to sell their stake in this ship’s inevitable port-call, as there is in Reality no true value contained therein.

Anything “backed” by debt-with-interest is destined to fail. This is not opinion, but mathematical fact. So get smart! Invest in value that has never failed. Invest not in artifice nor in the mad conjurings of central banks. Invest not in commercial banks who pay ridiculous bonusses for their cronies while their real supporters get fleeced daily. The list of mad-fuckery goes on and on while they dig ever faster and ever deeper trying to escape the hole they are in. And to this, i say “wrong hole motherfuckers!” 😳😳😳

Now here’s a hole you ought’a be looking at:


This is what open-pit gold mining looks like, and if you have ever dug anything, you know how labour intensive and exhausting it can be. It costs to dig for gold: labour, fuel, electricity, machinery, legal, marketing, permits, professional services, refining, etc., and this list goes on and on. (See @stokjockey’s post from yesterday...)

JP Morgan said it well: “Gold is money and everything else is debt.”

In reality, it costs to unearth money. Just as one cannot fabricate gold or actually own it via a paper promise, so too one cannot actually dig a hole just by issuing a piece if paper that says you did. It’s actually very simple, but the artifice of our system is immense and entrenched and beyond the scope of most people.

So don’t be a fool!


And secure some wealth for yourself and your family — and kids if you’ve got ‘em


It has always worked, and it always will.

Fiat has always failed, and it always will.


Lift yourself up. I’ll show ya how...

My wallet is fat and my treasure-chest loaded
And thar be some wealth that won’t soon be eroded.

I am Precious — and beyond precious

And thanks to SSG writ large i am becoming a powerful Monster of the Deep! With special thanks to these 5 guys and their fries:

@raybrockman, @buggedout, @welshstacker, @silverstackeruk & @thedamus


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I Gave this a FULL UP VOTE because I Could Not have Said it Any Better @ssg-community ...............Here's 2019 !!! Stack On !!!

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"The reality ship" I like it!

Ok, that must be @thedamus that put that mermaid pict up their!

Is it pirate Sunday already?