Lets Push It! Monster Raffle Babbbby!

in steemsilvergold •  5 months ago

Alright we are approaching the 48 hour mark, in exactly 72 hours we will be live and handing out silver. So here is what we need.......


An all out push! Lets fill the trending with Moster Raffle post. We need to let everyone know that WE are the most active community in steemit.


Lets get to posting!!!!! We need a strong finish!!!!

To enter the Monster Raffle, simply send 1 steem to @ssg-community and in the memo line type monster raffle. Yes, you can enter more than once.

Take a look at some of whats up for grabs.


I am @raybrockman and I approve this post.


@ssg-community is brought to you by; @buggedout , @silverstackeruk , @thedamus , @welshstacker and @raybrockman

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I’m in!!!





Bringing da heat!


@thedamus and @mikepm74 make up around 30% of total ticket sales. You guys are what puts the MONSTER into MONSTER RAFFLE!!!


Should we go for 50%?

Just Sent Mine!

Bought my tickets! Would love to win some shinny things. Love the baseball mitt.

Full UP Vote @ssg-community The Raffle will be Awesome..............

I'm soo in... Lol 😜

Will do a post tomorrow!

I've been posting 1 a day in all kinds of categories. I see a few of the people outside the group have got tickets. Good luck everyone.

I can't wait!

Ooh fun! I've just sent mine :)

have I missed the deadline to enter?

Resteemed for the usual reason...