How is it going #Steemsilvergold? We hope you are have a great day

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Alright Steemsilvergold, hows your balls/tits drooping today? Hope everyone is having a good one whatever you are getting up to here on steemit. Thanks for taking the time to check out the post, it has been 3-4 days from we last posted so we do not want you thinking we have forgot about Precious the Silver Mermaid upvoting bad ass bot.

Our voting power has been staying within the range we thought and things are going smoothly. Crypto's are getting destroyed and of course this tends to play a role in a few different ways. Our upvotes are worth less, we can get some smaller lease's at better rates and lastly, members numbers drop and other members are less active due to the bear market.
  • voting power is good
  • we have a few STEEM in the bank for a rainy day
  • And we are just a head of another bot in SP so......

We gotta go with the flow and see where we go

How the hell knows what is next the Precious. The crypto market dictates where we go and weather are not we continue down the dark bear crypto path are things might change and like a burst from the sun that beings new energy into the market place. We are up against the devil here but we got the good guys on our backs.

So long as there is a #Steemsilvergold, there will always be a Precious the Silver Mermaid ready the upvote members that take part. She is a hell of an upvoting bot we could ourselves here. She is a fine bot alright, nice and strong with her backers from Steemsilvergold. It'll be very interesting to see where we are at in a years time and i wonder how big she will grow to the next bull run. 500k SP bot, yes please with whipped cream and a cherry on top. We will get there, dont worry about that. We might be old and grey but we will see a 500k Sp Precious Bot someday

Precious is a Proud Member of #Steemsilvergold

I am @silverstackuk and i approve this boring post

credits @buggedout, @raybrockman, @silverstackeruk, @thedamus and @welshstacker

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Long Live SSG! Live Long and Prosper 🖖🤩

Been very very quiet ......

Hello, My day has been great so far today, Precious! thanks for posting!

She makes it Rain!!!!

Yeah the crypto slaughter has really hurt those who are active. Hopefully, it will pick up in a couple of weeks and we will see many new individuals posting. Thanks for the update @ssg-community!


"I knew I knew ya!"
~ Del Griffith
hahaha classic!

@ssg-community Precious I am going to UP my level to SILVER in October. Get Ready for additional SP to be Delegated your way..............

Even though the price of steem and all crypto is down STEEMIT is still way more fun than fakebook and I see a mass exodus of fakebook users in the future so I'm gonna stick it out. ssg-community is awesome. thought you might need so positive words.

Long Live #SteemSilverGold.

The rewards appear to be worth less. The fact is that we are still getting STEEM and STEEM POWER. It appears to be less but when the price of STEEM increases, our account value will also increase.

My Advice: VALUE THE STEEM and STEEM POWER generated - just like we value Silver or Gold, we also should value STEEM and STEEM POWER.

500 k sp, that would be sick!👍