Helo September... The year is flying by.


Only a day late, but this post does mean the start of a fresh new month. You know the drill: delegate STEEMPOWER or pay an equivalent in liquid steem.



Current market rate for 2500sp is approximately 19%(just over), so ill use that as a bases form liquid steem donations.

To cut a long and boaring story short, the answer is 49 STEEM..


You are much appreciated my friend!😀 The "check " is in the mail for @silvertop and @elizabethbit !🤗

Did you see the Silver and Gold spot price?!!!

hi, could you support @cotina witness as we are the witness representing Latin community? thanks,

Good day to you @cotina. As a community account, supporting the #steemsilvergold community, I will definitely ask and put a proposal for members to see. If members are happy, and have no objections, we would be happy to lend our support fornyou as a witness

Thank you,

Hello! How much do you need to delegate to get 100% ap once a day?

Sorry for taking a lifetime to get back to you. 2500SP gets you a 100% daily upvote. Currently sitting at about 62000SP, but hoping to push that up to closer to 70kSP. Hope that helps?

Thank you for the information!

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