The third addition to my dino-collection is the Heads or Tails Stegosaurus.


This bad boy contains 8 ounces of silver.

This is part of the Heads or Tails Coin Company's Lost World Collection (6 in all).


This is not just silver, it's art. I know it's a bit pricey but I really like it and think it's worth it.

Keep on Stacking!!!




Nice, and I am not gonna ask for the price.

Not cheap, but they're definitely not your same old silver eagles either. Head on over to APMEX and you can find them there.

Yes.... Yes.... Yes....

I was wondering when you would get another 1.i love these. So when you going to do a pic of all 3 of them together. Was it a triceratops and a t rex??

The Mammoth is on it's way (via APMEX) and I'm looking to pick up #5 and #6 directly from

Pretty nifty. It's a real STEEM monster! @ironshield

I've got them lined up on my desk and I play with them every day. Just like I did when I was 10!

This is a Work of Art. Beautiful!

I wouldn't buy all my silver this way, but it's definitely something out of the ordinary.

Oh WOW!!! AWESOME silver piece there, my friend! I will check that series out! Thanks for sharing!

There are a total of 6 in the series. 4 of them are available over at APMEX, the other 2 I've only found at

Yeah, I checked them out last night, and boy, they are expensive!!!
I have a tiny set here, my dino family, and the names are Fred, Wilma, and Bam-bam:

Those are really nice!

So cool. I just posted about my trip this weekend to Tyrrell Museum andy dinosaur tour. A silver dino would have topped off the trip nicely!!

I feel like a kid again playing with my dinosaurs!

That is a nice piece! 👍🏻

That is high praise coming from a pouring veteran like yourself!!

That is nice - I was looking dinosaur silver coins for my kids once when this came up- way too nice for them. That is a great piece - it truly is art.

These are definitely "daddy-toys"!

Very nice steg!