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I am a huge fan of Fantasy Football. I love participating in local leagues with a bunch of buddies, not these nationwide sites like FanDuel or Draft Kings.

Anyway, this year I am supplying the prize for this year's championship game winner, so I decided to incorporate my other passion into the league....SILVER!

Here is this year's championship prize, a 2 ounce silver bullet from APMEX!


This is definitely a prize worth winning, and it can even serve as a great conversation starter! Anyone that holds one of these babies in their hand will instantly get a case of Stackitis!

There will also be many of these given out as Christmas presents as well (providing the economy does not reset 😋 )

So, tell me what you think. How do you get the conversation started?

Stack On!!!




Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

That's a fantastic prize for Fantasy Football. I like to combine my interests also.

I had a bunch of free contests related to NFL Football games, mostly based on Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football. I will be doing those contests again this season. They were a lot of fun.

Here was the Final Post that Summarized the Season and the winners.

I hope to see you enter the new contests for the New Season.

That would be a wonderful Christmas gift!

in the race, of course there are those who become winners and some who become losers, at least by participating in the competition, we can find out the level of our abilities, while prizes are not the main goal, but the sweetest gift for those who process creatively.