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The Brach just landed on my doorstep, and I don't mind saying, it is off da hizzle fo shizzle!


This baby is 8 ounces of sterling silver awesomeness!

It's the 5th piece I've picked up from the Heads or Tails Coins & Collectables ( It is part of a 6 piece Lost World Collection series.

The ankylosaurus is ordered and will soon be on it's way.

Here is the latest family portrait!


Keep Calm and Stack On!!



Very nice collection.

Thanks, Bud!

I've been incredibly impressed with every single of these. Thanks for showing them off and can't wait to see the next 1.

Each one that arrives is better and better. I'm loving them!

I remember when you showed us their brothers/sisters. With Brachy the collection is almost complete. Congrats.

5 down, one to go!

Very cool, they look like they are guarding the stack!

...when they're not fighting each other!!

That's the sort of family portrait that you can be proud of!

Just like the dinos I played with when I was a kid! These are toys for big boys!

That's exactly it! Well said. :)

I love dinos and your collection is amazing! I am anxious to see the last one.

It's on order and I anxiously await its arrival!

Really this shots unbelievable, nice

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I really love to play with my toys!

That's an interesting way of collecting silver. Love it!

Really cool... those look great and certainly a fun collection! Well done!

Really cool... those look
Great and certainly a fun
Collection! Well done!

                 - brian.rrr

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