Where has all the silver gone?

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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemSilverGold community - this Knight comes to you bearing terrible news.

The Perth Mint is out of silver!!


No more 100 oz bars...


Product not available. Please try again later or choose another product in order to continue.

No more 1 kg bars...


Currently out of stock. Please call Sales Support on 1300 201 112 for stock updates.

No more 10 oz bars...


Currently out of stock. Please call Sales Support on 1300 201 112 for stock updates.

Fortunately - they do have a few 1 Oz Kangaroos left but be prepared to pay 15 - 25% above spot for them.

However; and worse still - The Perth Mint is not the only mint that has run out of silver. A surge in silver demand has left the US Mint with no Silver Eagle Bullion Coins.

No Liberty Eagles!


Unless of course you are willing to pay 4x spot for a silver proof American Eagle??

Mass panic!

This is absolute awful news for anyone looking to buy silver... there is simply none left. And the price is going to sky-rocket now!

Expect a silver panic in the coming weeks and riots shortly thereafter.

What's a silver saving hoarding Knight to do?

10 September 2018

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@Sirknight, even with this, I have less to worry about. With the hope that #beatitudes SMT offers us, the hunt for silver is no case.

Those who know will know. @marcelo182 can confirm this.


I ask you Uyobong - Steem, Silver, Gold and Beatitudes - what more could the free man possibly need?


Hmm, Great Knight, I think, with such four wonderful gifts - Steem, Silver, Gold and Beatitudes - the free man has gotten freedom. The next needful thing will be to invite/persuade others to this life of freedom and possibly share the blessings he/she acquires with the less-privileged. #heavenbread should be the best option at the now.

I Like Silver @sirknight and it will be Fun to see the Price go to where it Should be but First the market riggers need to stop shorting.................


It must stop eventually SJ.

When it comes to the paper contract riggers - if institutional silver savers can't get physical when they need it - they will buy the futures contracts with intention of taking physical delivery.

So when these contract holders start demanding physical delivery - and there is none to deliver - there will be a short squeeze the likes of which the world has never seen.

And then the taxpayers will bail out the riggers to 'ensure financial system stability'. ;)


I noticed with the on line bullion dealers, you pay $16-17 per silver coin, nothing close to the low $14.00 paper price.


Oh no - the 'spot' price is simply a number the riggers throw round to make the sheep think the silver price is going down. Sheep get scared of low prices for some reason.

The physical silver price is much higher than spot.


It is really true. The big capitalists use these ads for small investors to sell their assets, thus losing their precious holdings in precious metals; thank God Sirknight is an expert economist who knows very well the step by step of financial evolutions, and whoever needs it can count on him and his wise advice. Greetings, gentleman.

Wow! This is crazy news, how the hell is silver prices so low if the demand is so high? Paper Manipulation at its best! I can't wait for the correction. Thanks for sharing.

With such development as this, I think, the monopoly of wealth by the wicked is gradually coming to an end. Attaching value to silver and Gold with the current trends in crypto acceptance is a great idea. Where cryptocurrencies, gold and silver can interchange, then the freedom we are seeking would have been nearer. Thank you @sirknight for informing us.

Silver is an essential commodity and also very valueable to have as a store of value


You look very familiar Obest. Hehehehe.

This is a good sign for silver trade for those who hold unto it to get .

Well an insanely good product will always sell itself


Very true Empress. And there isn't much better than a piece of silver in one's pocket. Except for maybe a bigger piece of silver. ; )


Greetings sir.

All silver lovers willbe scared now because to get silver now it won't be easy and something has to be done quickly


Hahaha - I don't think us silver lovers will mind a silver panic one little bit Dwayne.

Great news. I have some 400 ounces I like to sell when price is right.

Tick Tock= BOOOOOM!

why is this ?

What more can I say.. If something is good it's gonna stand out!

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