Who loves free Silver?

My new found enjoyment is coin roll hunting, when i have time, and when i can actually find rolls of half dollars at the bank.

This is the Silver I found in 30 rolls of half dollars from the bank. 9 of 40 percent, one of which is a mint state (in capsule). And 2- 90 percent half dollars.

Even better than a great deal on Silver, is when its practically free.


This is a NIFC I found in the same hunt. Not Silver but still really cool.


This 90 percent Silver dime i found in a coin star machine


For those of you who are not Familiar with coin star machines. They are machines that count coins and are located in most of our grocery stores in the US. Well sometime coin star machines reject coins and people don’t look in the slot. That’s where I came in to collect all treasures they leave behind :)


Coin star machines charge 9 cents on every dollar, so I don’t use the machines to count my coins. I just take the free ones. :)


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Great finds brother and coin roll hunting is addictive! I love to try and find silver and some varieties that I know of. I never find any change in the machines though lol. Although I just saw Half Dolla Make You Holla begin starting the machine to count change that may be stuck in it. He got like 5 cents here and 8 cents there you know. Thanks for sharing!!


That’s cool. Every little bit counts. Thank you D wing.. Its always an adventure, lol

Wow! Nice post and good job on finding those silver half dollars!! I love the Franklins and have a tube of them. I also have a few 40% halves and a 2003 NIFC! Yes, I do eye the return slot on the coin star at the store!! LOL!! Great post!

ive never found any money in a coinstar machine! great finds :)


Usually I don’t find anything either. But get lucky one in a while. First time i found Silver.. Thank you!!

What a great find in the coinstar machine. I never use them, but I'm gonna have to start checking them for rejects. Looks like they reject real money (silver).


Yeah, they reject all kind of stuff. Usually because people feed them too fast. I have found regular dimes and pennies and Canadian money. First time I found Silver though!! Thank you for stopping by..


Oh yeah. I am following you now..

Wow you have been killing it on the coin roll hunting. Good for you. Great post.


Yeah, not too bad. I wasn’t expecting to find anything. So I was really happy.. Thank you!

YES I always love free silver! And I think the boys are getting old enough to start cion roll hunt. Great post brother! 👍🏼🍺🥓. And great find in the coinstar machine.


Thank you Stackin.. sometime to win and some times you just break even, lol

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Free silver, hells yeah! Great post my friend. Just some advice try not to post more than a couple times a day tops and don't resteem more than that aswell. Ppl consider that spam here because our feeds get jammed up. Save em for the stuff u really feel ppl need to see. You'll start out slow but as u get to know ppl around here it'll pick up! 😎 I made 0.25 on my posts for the first couple of months but i told myself if I made 25c on a friggin YouTube vid that would be a good vid. Steemit rocks man, blows Yt out of the water. Cheers


Ok. Thanks for the advice. I think i have only been doing one a day. Except for the first day I might have done 2 or 3.. but i have been resteeming everything. Thanks bro!!

Great post SW. It amazes me about SteemIt how some great posts are practi cally ignored while some really BAD posts have $30 bucks on 'em. Makes me wonder if it's just a popularity contest. The jury is still out.


Yeah, mine are really bad. Lol

Awesome finds. I love the coinstar machine at our Safeway, it quite often pays me for walking by!


Absolutely it does. Thank you for stopping by..