Silver Stackers - It's all over!! Time to sell up and get out of the stacking game

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Steemsilvergold, we have problems. I have been watching some stuff on youtube which we all know is the best source of information and you will be completely shocked at what i have learned about and what they are trying to do to us stackers. It's really game over and i will be selling off all my stack asap because the precious metals markets are going to fade away in the nothingness of space along with hopes and dreams. I can confirm silver are gold will never reach the moon because it already out there.

If you are unaware, Precious metals come dead collapsed stars that have gone super nova and have blown up into a million, billion, trillion bits and shot into space to travel for billion's of miles in all directions. Some of those dead stars have hit planet Earth when it was forming and the Precious metal became part of the Earth's outer crust. Great shit SSUK you might but thinking but hurry and get to the point. Why are we screwed as investment Precious metals stackers. I have 2 words for .......... space mining. Thats's right, space mining.

Some time during the 90's, there was a comet that passed within 25 miles of Earth's atmosphere, yes that was lucky it never hit us but the thing about was, the comet was made of 90% Platinum and still had over 6 trillion dollars worth of gold in the other 10%. We all see tech growing at a crazy rate, how long will it be before some greedy cunt (Jeff Bezos) starts to build and send out mining space ships to comets to fill them up with gold and fly them back home. I assume this be completely automated because in space, you can go directly to where your going, no need for GPS, just point it in the right direction and way you go.

This for me and a scary thought. Precious metals are rare on Earth and that's what give them value but they are not rare at all in space. Precious metals are all over space, we do not need precious metals to mooon, we need them to Earth. What if they was the tech to build a mining space ship back in the 90's and we got it all. There is right now around 5 trillion dollar's worth of gold above ground on Earth, we would have had 11 trillions worth if people had a way to mine that comet and our gold stacks would only be half what they are now and that is only 1 smallish comet out of trillions flying around space. If humans can ever build a ship that costs almost nothing ( few hundred million $), travels at crazy 7+ digit speeds and can carry a load, it simply game over. Give up and go home. It would not even be worth selling because the capsules we use the store bullion will be worth more. So, there's something else to worry about, i do love spreading abit of FUD.

On the plus side, we'll prob all be dead by then and it's our kids problems


make a pricelist please

Waiting for that too, since he is that scared 😆

Yep, the dinosaurs got lucky with the last rich big meteor strike didn't they? So where are they now?

Got ya,

We dont need to worry about it cause we'll be dead 👍

You seriously need to stop smoking that shit. If it was even possible it wouldve been done already.

That's the point bro, when tech advances and they can do it, they will. You need to start smoking

Buy, buy, buy while silver is at $14.52!!!!

I need STEEM to go up first :'(

Your lucky day, I am a buyer, but given the pending implosion I just read on the internet, I can only offer you rock bottom prices... lets say half spot, including shipping?

Lets get this party started.

My bitcoin address is 1F1tAaz5x1HUXrCNLbtMDqcw6o5GNn4x

I have any amount of silver you can buy and i will pay for whatever the shipping is after you send me your BTC 😎

lol, you must have missed the part where I said half of spot price!!

There ain't no Bitcoin flying around in space!

Bitcoin is all in space, its totally ficticious.

Perhaps the greatest story ever told 😜


I plan on buying my Gold for a Melt Value of about $35 per ounce...
Silver should be going for a Melt Value of about $3.50 per ounce...
If using Federal Reserve Notes, figure One Hundred Times more...
May 23, 2019... #ssg-membership

Can you imagine how hot that platinum would get when it went by the sun?

Not sure which way it came it was coming from. What if it smashed into the sun? That would have been sick, all that platinum and gold gone only to be blasted back into space in 4.6 billions years when the sun colapse's and goes BOOM and off on another journey into space at a million miles an hour :)

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