Silver is mooning!

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Hello stackers, what a great time to be a silver stacker with the prices booming like crazy for the past few months. I've been saving to make a big order for around 2 months and now im thinking it might be a good idea to just keep saving and wait for it the drop off a little.

With not really watching to price to hard for the past few months and stacking for 6 years during a flat market. This chart looks alien to me. In fact, it reminds me when the Brexit spike the vote result came in. Im glad that i got the bulk of my stack for around £10-11 per oz. I dont think we'll ever see these prices again.

That's an increase of 26.1% in 3 months, i think we can declare that silver is moooooning!!!!!!

**This is sort of came out of no where and let's see where it goes. Is £20 possible and i wonder what the GTS ratio will be in a few months from today. It's the stackers time to shine, crypto's are cool but at the end of the day, it's all about the precious metals.


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Let’s go

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Im holding out for the GTS ratio to drop and then cha chang

Right On @silverstackeruk Hello SILVER, GOODBYE Paper Dollar

"Mind ye th' cycles mukkers!" 😉 -Keptin


I told myself id get excited if we hit 15 pounds. It quickly smashed 16 yesterday and then got quickly smashed back down again. Im happy since i stacked for years and years but looking at commercial shorts it killing my happiness because they are just stacking shorts. :( still i think we are starting a multi year bull market for precious metals.

There has been a lot of recent prosecutions on pm price manipulation and big players making fake sell orders to lower the price and are getting caught and dealt with, perhaps gold and silver will see it's true value sooner than later. I'm sure this is just the beginning.

I stopped buying for now. I am happy it goes up but I am also not sad if it would come down again.

Either way I think I am fine

I've been super focused on crypto the past couple years. I need to get back into metals.

What do you think about fractional silver? I kinda dig the little quarter oz pieces.

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He who stacks first laughs last 👍

lmao, true that.................true that

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Fuck yeah!

Last month's stack...