Silver Britannia's - 1998-1999 pt1

So I have finally decided to post up the complete UK 1oz silver Britannia date run. There a 20 BU silver Britannia’s released to date and after some time, abit of money and a lot of good luck, I have the complete set. So, to start off, the first year this series was released in BU was 1998, they had a 1997 proof version that was put of a set so does not count in mind. I had started off back dating these pretty much after I started stacking and after around 2 years, I had back dated to from 2015- 2010. From 2009 backwards, things got expensive and I was hunting for eBay bargains that never came.

On day I logged onto thesilverforum and saw the ''silver deals'' section was very busy. I checked it out and there was a some Danish stamp website that had bought a load of these and had planned to offer a monthly subscription. It back fired and they had lots of extra stock this all according to someone who had emailed the CS department. The cut a long story short they were offering all silver Britannia’s dated from 1999-2007 re on sale to British customers for 19 euro each with limits on some coins. I almost wet my pants, I checked the silver fund to see how much was in there, and then I headed to the Danish stamp site. It was true; I added 1 of each year and extra 2001 and 2005's. I bought 16 Oz’s on that first run and after 3-4 hours everything was out of stock. After about 2 days, I saw they had restocked, I grabbed another 12 Oz’s of whatever years there was and I had, had my fill. I will never see prices like that again; all of them coins bought for 19 euro could have been instantly flipped on eBay for £30-50 atm depending on the year.

1998 BU Britannia

As there are 20 coins in the date run so far, I will make a post and do 2 at a time. The idea of editing 20 pictures seems impossible to me right now. I am not going to go into too much detail about these coins as I have rambled on about how I get my date run for long enough already, but here are some quick fire facts.

  • Between 1997 and 2012, the silver coins were made of .958 silver (known as Britannia silver) with a diameter of 40.00mm and total weight of 32.54g
  • From 2013, the silver coins have been minted in .999 silver and have a new diameter of 38.61mmith a weight of 31.21g
  • Between 1998 and 2012, even years showed the Britannia and odd years were minted with different designs (These are the most expensive and sought after)
  • In 2001, only 44,816 BU coins were minted. These have a resale of around £55 on eBay
  • The Royal mint went mint to order on this series in 2013

1999 BU Britannia


In 2013 they started to release privy's which I have not bought into and this year they released a 20th Ann coin which I had to have 5 of. The last part I need to completely complete this date run would be the sexy wooden red cloth lined bad boy box.

Any questions, comment below are ask. If you enjoyed the post, please dont forget to upvote this and follow me @silverstackeruk.

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