SILVER Britannia date run - 2000 & 2001 Pt 02

Back for part 2 of the silver Britannia date run posts. This post we have the 2000 & 2001 coins. I was planning to be half way through these by now and other things are eating my time.

We start off with the 2000 silver Britannia. I see that it might be hard for me to review even dated Britannia coins as the only different being the year but i will give it a go. This coin features the classic standing Britannia and was designed by Philip Nathan. The front of the queen shows the 4th head of Queen Elizabeth. This head was used for coins between 1998-2015. The finish on the coin is a little dull, almost like a matte finish are something. The Royal mint minted these coins in .958 (britannia silver) and pumped out 81,301 of these.

The 2001 design is a little more pleasing to look at. I miss that that do not change the design another more. So on this coin we can see a design of the Britannia standing beside a loin in a portrayal reminiscent of Una and the Lion. They changed the style of clothing and hat to make it more British. Britannia is seen holding a shield in one hand a big stick poker thing in the other. The wording on this coin is different, i can think of another coin in my stack that has sideways words. The coin is finished off polished and the Royal mint pumped out 44,816 making it the lowest minted BU Britannia out there. Glad a have a couple :D
I do think we need to seeing the queen for every coin, maybe just 1 per post.


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