Official #steemsilvergold Weekly Membership List - Clearout confirmed #489

Monday Membership Update Time

For the first week ever, no new members. Last weeks membership post made the suggestion to have a group membership clearout and that overtook the comments section. By reading through them all, i could see that 85% were for it and happy to go around with this in the future. There were a few members against it and brought up some good points but i feel alot of the mean points mentioned were assumed things and words were put into my mouth. When i am thinking about things like this, i am trying to think about the rules set out by @hgmsilvergold when he founded the group and i take advice from OG members from before my time about how he ran things and his idea's. I believe he felt it was important to have active members tied to the group by cutting dead members because it keeps everything smaller, tighter and bonds are built easier making it more of a community than a group. Why have 1000 members with 200 using the tag when you can have 200 members with 200 using the tag? The idea is community not group. I understand some members think that ssg-community plays a role in this but ssg-community was set up around steemsilvergold rules. If the group was mostly dead members, ssg-community would have set up as a delegate to get upvote only bot. Please do not think that the 2 are connected are influence each other. This is something i wanted to make clear and knock on the head. The bot, @ssg-community aka, Precious the silver mermaid is a non profit service to the community ran by 5 members.

First ever Steemsilvergold membership List post from over 10 months ago

Took from a post done by @hgmsilvergold.

The following (20) stemians have shown an interest to establish this silver and gold community (#steemsilvergold) right here on Steemit:

@blackrussian @lulita @madein-hisimage @tremendospercy @crowe @nolnocluap @missiontothemoon @sanction >@buster544 @famcore @stackin @runaway-slave @goldmatters @finkavenue @spicyer @irfo1 @htliao @speckofdust >@raybrockman @hgmsilvergold

Suggested Goals of the Silver and Gold (Precious Metals) Community:

  • Encourage members to produce quality content.
  • Ensure members are rewarded for great content.
  • Ensure Steemit is a go-to place for precious metals news, analysis and more.
  • Ensure that the community becomes significant here on Steemit.

There are many things that we will do to achieve these goals:

  • Upvote, Comment and Resteem members post
  • Imagine having a guaranteed 20 upvotes for your post. This number will grow as we grow this community – 100 >members would be the first target. We want to vote as much power to the members of this community. I believe we will >see significant growth, especially since many gold and silver people seem to be coming to Steemit; and as the price of >silver and gold rise over the coming months interest in gold and silver content will explode.
  • Grow the community
    Invite more members: wales, dolphins and minnows
  • Continue producing good content
    We need to really cover the range of needed silver and gold related content: Analysis (fundamental and technical), >Advice & Intelligence, News, etc.
  • Contribute skills and know-how
    There are certain administrative/representative positions that need to be filled:
    Secretary, Whale Sponsor, Marketing, possibly a Celebrity Figure and any other we can think of.
  • I would take care of the Secretary Position. My commitment is to coordinate the activities and admin, and deal with >issues of curation, since this is my field of expertise (that is writing about gold and silver – which would include reading >many posts).
  • Please nominate yourself or others for the other representative positions or any thing you can contribute to make this >community succeed, for example how we can fill some of those positions.

To Join This Community:

  • Follow all the members (provisionally all the people listed above)
  • Resteem this post
  • Upvote this post and leave a comment on this post that you want to join
  • Optional, but very important: Do a post about why you are joining this community and how you will contribute (kind of >like an introducemyself). Use the #steemsilvergold

Before someone points it out, i am aware that there is no mention of any rules to remain a member are ever be that active. If you do some research into @hgmsilvergold's posts, you will see that he preferred an active membership.

Alot has changed from then

We have done alot of stuff for a community that is not even 1 year old yet. When you think about it, its amazing all the things we have done. We have grown in numbers to over 180 members in the family, we designed and released the first ever silver Steemit round in 12-13 weeks from idea to delivered and we already have the 2nd second years coin on ice waiting to be released. We have 2 years of coins and the community is only 10 months old. The support given to each other in this community is unheard of in other groups. You only have to look at this post by @spicyer to see what i mean. You dont get stuff like that in other communities. We also have a very active Discord server which has 30+ channels for all your silver, gold and steemsilvergold needs. The silver and gold posts being pumped out on a daily basis are all over the place, we have unboxing's, informational, stacking for beginners, picture porn, contests, stackitis, group buy and many other posts being done by members. Steemsilvergold is the number 1 precious metals community on Steemit and it's only gonna get better.

To set things straight

  • When the group was set up, hgmsilvergold held the Secretary Position. He stopped posting around 6-7 months ago and has never returned for whatever reason.After some time the community held a voting post to vote in 3 group mods, philmint, @raybrockman and @silverstackeruk were selected. We lost philimint around a month ago and the group has 2 moderators
    @raybrockman ---+--- @silverstackeruk

  • @ssg-community is not #steemsilvergold. Ssg-community is a upvoting bot set up by 5 contributors @buggedout, @welshstacker, @thedamus, @raybrockman and @silverstackeruk. This bot account is exclusive to steemsilvergold members with tiered free and paid membership plans. This is not a for profit bot and private keys are shared to project the communities interest. Ssg-community has no involved with how #steemsilvergold is ran and is purely an incentive for members of the community.

  • A membership list clearout will happen. I would like feedback and i am thinking every 6 months. That would mean a 1 month notice period beginning at the start of June. More information will come about that closer to the time as it needs to be well planned. It will come down to me and Ray to decide what to do with the help and feedback of members on the subject


Week 16 - 2018

Group Moderators in black
188 Stackers joined so far..

0 New Members this week.

MembersSortedBy Username

Steemsilvergold Nomination Road Map

Steemsilvergold RoadMap.JPG
Only existing steemsilvergold members can nominate and sponsor

Nominated Users

Please make your Nominations in the comments below

Nominated UserNominator2nd SponsorMod Confirmed

Can you think of someone that be a that would make a great member for our group?


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First I would like to nominate @corndogg42

Second thank you for your hard work. If you need more help let me know. I'd be glad to lend a hand.


Thank man for the support, should beable to handle it and kjnow i have the help if needed, Thank you.

And your nomination is added in


I'll second @corndogg42

Seems like he would be a good fit

You guys know what you are doing and I support the decision 100%. I think it will then show a more true indication of how big and strong our community actually is.

Good post my friend. About two weeks ago I printed out your list of steemsilvergold members and went to about half of them that I didn’t know or have contact with yet. Over 80% of who I checked out haven’t posted in weeks or months. While it’s not about the free upvote, killing dead weight would increase the active members who do posts upvote. If 30-40 member go away that would help ever tier as well.👍


Alot of people got joined in when Stax was running the membership list and it's been messed up since then. Time to get it fixed my friends,

Thank you for your support

I would like to nominate @silveringots
Guy shows amazing stuff! True asset


Yeah, those US mint ingots he showed yesterday were outta-sight!


Yeah his posts are good reading and you can learn a lot, he gets my two thumbs up

Great list of people and an even better community

Thanks for doing some research and clarifying your thoughts. I am all for a cleanout, quality over quantity in this instance. I feel that the moderators, as well as the rest of the members, would have no problem letting someone who has been cut come back if they so desire.


Members have been re-added in the past and this is not an issue.

Thank for your support man

Thanks for keeping up the membership buddy!!

thanks for the info and clarifying about @ssg-community


We di not need the same drama we had with Stax. Better to make it clear from the start.

Thanks buddy


Do the normal Steemit rules apply to delegated steempower to @ssg-community?

I nominated @hashcash on the last post. What happened?


Seen it last night and thought he would have a better chance in this week's post as he was nominated toward the end of the week.


Perfect. Thanks.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Would members who vote, comment and resteem on a regular basis be included as active members? And if so how often? A member that resteems, comments or votes at least once a week? My point is that not everyone posts blogs on a regular basis but still can participate in the community. Just my thoughts, and of course thank you for all the hard work. :)


Me and Ray know that not everyone makes posts. There are members that come and go back when they are here they are posting in the tag. Its a great thing being able to see everyones actively. As for set rules, this is something that still has to be decided. A good plan is needed but honestly, the idea is the have the clearout and nobody notice.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts buddy


I would say yes to your first question, at least that was my experience. I would not consider myself a regular blogger, but I can be all over the comments at times and I do comment resteem and vote on a regular basis. Gives me more time to eat up all the shiny, shiny silver and gold that others post. :)
It takes all kinds to build a strong community. My two cents, anyhow.

I don't know if this is the place, but I want to talk about something that I noticed.
I am following @raybrockman trail since about 6:00AM PT.
During this day till 7:00PM PT I upvoted 76 posts.
Of these 76 posts only 36 had something about coins, silver,
gold, crypto, money, pours, rounds, stack, stackitis,etc.
The other 40 were about anything that was not the reason of steemsilvergold exists. Most of them did not have even the tag steemsilvergold. Some of them the same person posted 2, 3, 4 articles that had nothing to do with steemsilvergold.
If the idea of the trail is to help the steemsilvergold community, then upvote something that has nothing to do with steemsilvergold is wrong.
I don't know the solution to this. Maybe upvote only when the member tags steemsilvergold.
What do you think?
What @raybrockman thinks about it?


I figure Ray is gonna vote stuff that isn't silver gold related from time to time. Not to mention he uses an auto voter not a program that finds steemsilvergold posts.

If the trail was with @ssg-community it would only vote mebers every 22 hours because that's the parameters.

Ray doesn't have parameters. And if someone on his voter posts 10 times in a day it will auto vote it all 10 times.

although I'm not very active on steemit. I have now started to collect silver. How do I join your group?

Big up everybody!