Official #Steemsilvergold Monday Membership Update Post - Week 48

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Hello Steemsilvergold and welcome to this weeks Monday membership post on Tuesday. I have a question about the enrollment process. We have been using this process of nominate, sponsor and verify for almost 1 year now and i would like to hear from anyone that thinks there is a better way. When #steemsilvergold first began, the process to become a member was re-steem the membership post, write a community intro post using steemsilvergold as first tag and follow everyone on the membership list. Is the new idea better, can it be better, easier are it is just fine the way it is?
Next up, we are starting to see a flood of MR3 unboxing hit the group tag. Sorry @fat-elvis but yours is still here, it should be posted out tomorrow afternoon but you'll have it for xmas. @welshstacker has hosted another secret santa this year. I will also be sending that out tomorrow cause im not to sure what to send, haha. There is a discord channel set up for this for everyone. Everything within the community seems to be chilled and now tha we are now in stupid month, lots of xmas stuff is sure to be coming over the next few weeks toward the big day. PS, i plan to keep my secret santa package until the 25th and keep it under the tree.

Should be part of a community curation trail be mandatory

I am going to release a community voting pole about this and see what members think about this as an idea. A few days ago i was reading over some of early steemsilvergold posts from before my time and it's got me thinking about a few things. The founder was against a community upvoting bot and leaned more toward curation trails to help each other. I mean he did not think we needed one and he would have been ok if the community made a voting bot. 18 months later we have a massive voting bot but no worthy community curation trail
Why not have our cake and eat it too?
We all know about steemauto and if you dont, it is very simple to use. Steemauto is website that will let to you do many things but we are only interested in joining a curation trail and it is the easiest to set up. It would only take an hour to create a community trail that upvoted everyone in the community and get the ball rolling. Let's get it done ole skool!!

WEEK 48 - 2018

We have 3 new members this week so a big welcome to @hippie-witha-gun, @hooiyewlim and @urbanist . Feel free to write up posts about your interests in Precious metals. Let's keep our eyes peeled and if you see someone who has been active and might fit into our community, you know what to do :)

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Steemsilvergold Nomation Roadmap

Only existing steemsilvergold members can nominate and sponsor

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Can you think of someone that be a that would make a great member for our group?



Welcome to @hippie-witha-gun, @hooiyewlim and @uranist!

I just received my monster raffle prize just exactly at this moment! What timing!

I would join a community trail, although, due to changes at SteemAuto only votes above a certain threshold go out to save on node calls on their end I think!

hmm, thanks for the hands up, i'll need to check into that before writing my post.

What did you get from MR3?

I got the Communitree Steem coin from @pbock! It's a nice one, I will do a post later in the week!

Welcome to the fold @hippie-witha-gun, @hooiyewlim and @urbanist !

We're happy to have you :)

The autovote thing sounds good to me. I always have problems remembering to vote for all the interesting posts, and sometimes I don't have the time to peruse the posts or miss some due to the time I get online😅

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We need a big old curation trail.

It needs be called the pirate curation trail

Welcome new members. Following you now if not done already earlier.

A if welcome to our newest #ssg friends!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I'm down for another trail!

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