Let's do a community Guinness World Record !!!!!

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Steemsilvergold, i have an idea. Now i know your thinking, here we go again. SSUK has been thinking and is about to come out with some bullshit idea but this is a good one. I promise but you already know what it is cause of my thumbnail pic.

Guinness World Record!!!

Who wants to be part of a community Guinness world record? Again, i know what you are thinking. Your thinking SSUK is a genius and he has hit the nail on the head this time. There are tons of easy records out there ready, waiting to be smashed. We have done everything else we have set out minds too so not why get a world record?, if any for bragging rights. We would also be the first steemit community to get a world record which would be a record in itself. So who's in?

I've had a super fast check for what sort of records we could do. It's not as easy to find records to beat for groups of people and even harder for groups of under 50 people plus we cant all be in the same place at the same time cause SSG is worldwide. With that said, i found one and it's a dozzy. The record is 'most people to sing happy birthday while using mobiles'. The current record is only 13 people. All we have to do is get more than 13 members to phone 1 member in a shared call and sing happy birthday. Im not sure how they verify, we might need to all be in some group video chat to show that we are all calling at the same time are something but we could figure that out. Pretty easy, what you think?

Should we challenge it?

That was the first thing i came across that would have suitable for us to do and i am sure there are hundreds more out there waiting to be found. Now, i am only 1 person and can only do so much research so if you are interested and want to be part of this, get yourself over to google and get searching for idea's. It would of course be legend to have something related to precious metals but we cant be picky and a world record is a world record in the end.

Below you'll see a table, if your interested drop a comment and we can get a rough idea of how many members we have.


PS, @thedamus. It's nothing to do with the drink Guinness.



You have entirely to much time on your hands lol

I’m in uk! But let’s look for a “silver” related challenge though... like: most number of people to blah blah blah (while drinking a Guinness!😜)

Yeah, a precious metals related one would be awesome. We'll see what ideas other come back with and cross our fingers some a related :D

Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 seconds
Current record: 51
Rules: Any coinage that carries a max thickness of 3mm may be used, though only one hand can be used, with the other held behind the back. At the end of the 30 second period, they must remain standing for five seconds.

Cool record... but we need to find something our group can do. While some one person may go for this record — which would be sweet — it would be awesome if we could use Guinness to promote SSG both on steemit and to a greater audience.

Btw: i can hardly believe i juat wrote this phrase: “use Guinness to promote SSG”


this would be a dream come true so so down to help

👀 How’d my name get on here? 🤣😂

Here are instructions:


Tells you how to get started.

I admire that you always have ideas. ☺️ This sounds fun.

Your a mod now, your screwed. You are auto involved in all my crazy ideas from now on, bah hahahaha


i always wanted a guinness world record :D

Then we will get you one, are part of one :) Same, same but different

Fo shizzle man. I'm in.

I thought you would have been :)

I auto added you into the table and then thought, maybe i should'nt just assume you get involved in every project but you do, haha, so i should have just kept your name in there.

Lol. But I agree with @thedamus, maybe there's a silver or coin related record. Like most people involved in a coin swap or something.

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Count me in!!!😜☝️

Your counted :)

We could use the app "WhatsApp". It has a group call feature on it, it uses the Internet (so no long distance/international call charges) and its a trusted app.

There must be an app that does a screen grab/record that we can use on top of WhatsApp.

The call is the easy part, it's proving it.

There should a multi person webcam chat thing out there, i can record it from a desktop. Only thing i can think off. In fact, what we are doing is much harder, haha

I'm interested

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