Getting High in the Man Cave - 2019 Steem Round & Iost the groups CDM

in steemsilvergold •  last month  (edited)

Hello, dont forgot that TODAY is the last DAY we can make entries for the 2019 Steem silver round design contest so if yu have not already, there is still time to throw something together and call it a concept design. You can view the contest designs entered so far on the #steemsilverround tag. Next up is some bad news for community members that were involved in the CDM masternode, they are all gone. The first 2 members i told don't even know we had a CDM masternode. So, always, they are all gone and i will release a proper post about this tomorrow. On the plus side, it was a shitcoin anyways that is on it way to 0 but still, the company i used took them from us. Nothing to worry about really, and as always folks, enjoy the video.

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Keep tracking stacking.


Keep shaking :)

You do got that shaking motion down...


Hours upon hours of trail and error my friend 😎

Hey How can i be part of ssg community list?
I reached out on the ssg account and they gave your name for more details

You would think they would sent you an email or something to let you know. Its not good business on their part.

I guess the other option would be, if they offered you some kind of coin that was worth something, you could always just immediately withdraw and sell it. If it was just crap coin, then like you said what is the point. Things like this will happen, we will move on as a community. Thanks for the update man!