The Biggest Silver Bar EVER!

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It is my exclusive bragging right to be
the first silver stacker to be gifted a custom hand-poured big silver bar by the Youtube Silver Stackers Community.

It was sent to me inside a booty box, and still to this day is housed in the same booty box that sits on my computer desk.

It was the first collaboration bar of esteemed individuals
of the Youtube Silver Stackers community.

This post is a response to @raybrockman's request to show our big bars.

Presenting.... the Silver Saver Big Bar!


It was hand-poured poured by a dear friend, MrZeke, in early 2016.


It may not be 5,000 grams, but in my book...

it is the biggest silver bar that ever existed!

This big silver bar is the fruit of the generosity of the
biggest hearts of the silver stacking community!

It is a great honor and privilege to own this big silver bar.
and a very humbling experienceto be gifted a Silver Saver Big Bar.

I appreciate you being here.
Thank you for allowing me to share with you today.

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🙄 WOW! thats a big bar, with a whole bunch of kick ass names stamped on it. What a cool thing for the you tube community to do for you. I am sure it is priceless and must feel awesomely rewarding. Glad you have ventured over to steemit. I think in the days and months ahead you will come to call this place home (steemit). Thanks for making the leap, keep stackin @silversaver888.

That's really cool! Love the generousity here (: Thank you, I followed you. Look forward to learning more about you and your posts.

Loved this story! What an awesome piece for an obviously awesome gal ⚡️😎👍⚡️

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Very cool big bar from the community. It Uge!!

I remember that bar and yes I agree it is one if not the biggest bars I've ever seen

Very very cool!

This bar has not only 20oz of silver, it has 20 names of friends that weight much more than silver. Congrats.

Nice bar Saver. Those are quite a lot of the old school pourers. Thanks for sharing that👍

That's pretty nice! It would be fun to own a silver bar with my steemit username on it. @ironshield

Nice, I do remember that one. I am silverbarless myself!

That thing is epic! What a cool idea!

Truly is the biggest bar ever! That was a good day eh? I love how me and salivate share an L 😁 Awesome post, my SSFL👊💗

It's an awesome bar Saver. This happened during the time I was taking a YT break or I'm sure I would of put in on it as well.

Now that is a big brick of a bar and by none other than Mr Zeke!! Gorgeous and it is made even bigger and better because of the special meaning that is carried with it! I was not around for the chance to help out on this one, but I did donate to help with Laura Blade (Coin Keepers) and it was so awesome to hear how happy she was from it! Thanks so much for sharing it amazing bar!!

@silversaver888 To Be Cherished Forever !