Did YOU WIN of A Silver Gift of Gratitude?

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Note: This article was created 9/2/2019 at 11:30am , but could not be uploaded until now.

These are the steemians who have supported me the past 10 days by commenting on my articles.

I used the Random Generator to pick not ONE as I advertised in my blog.... but THREE WINNERS!.

The first place will be drawn from a list of FIRST comment received:

And the winner is.....


Please comment on your final choice of silver.

The next TWO WINNERS are from the first 24-hour commenters, shown in the list above. And the winners are:


Please comment on your final choice of silver.

WINNERS please send me a private message on DISCORD (username: Silver Saver#1507) with your contact name and mailing address.
THANK YOU, friends in steemit, for your support, your upvotes and for leaving a comment on my past 10 articles.
@vgholdingsllc, @silverd510, @kerrislravenhill, @fat-elvis, @bitcoinman, @teenagecrypto, @tattoodjay, @melinda010100, @dfinney, @ace104, @themanwithnoname, @summertooth, @goldmatters, @clitadias, @goldfashioned, @ladybug146, @theunion, @knowledge-seeker, @dwingsworld, @deepwaters, @saffisara, @welshstacker, @anouk.nox, @thekittygirl, @handofzara, @thedamus, @tbnfl4sun, @balticbadger, @hangin, @pocketechange, @lass3, @dixiesilverminer, @steemingmark, @ackza, @davidickeyyall, @ironshield

I appreciate your support and friendship!


Thank you for viewing this article. I post every day, and I hope to see you again soon!

@silversaver888 is a proud member of #steemsilvergold


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😊Make it a lovely day!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

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Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to @silversaver888 for so generously giving away three different prizes! Happy Labor Day, all!

Thank you, @themanwithnoname! I appreciate you. My gift of gratitude is on-going, similar to this one but in secret, hehehe! Have an enjoyable Labor Day, my friend.😀

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Very cool of you to add extra prizes and congratulations to the winners! I know @kerrislravenhill will be thrilled. @silverd510 could use a good win and @tattooedjay will enjoy some silver too! Thanks for the chance and for always being awesome! Hope you having a great Labor Day @silversaver888!

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I think I will do this gift of gratitude again, but a sort of a secret thing! I had fun doing this! And I do want to show my gratitude, except that I cannot possibly gift every one Silver.
Thank you again, my dear @dwingsworld for your friendship and support... from the very beginning!!! You are special🥰. Like see... you are FIRST here to visit me!!! I hope you are enjoying Labor Day.

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Anytime my friend sorry for the late reply the Hard fork screwed up my notifications.

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Great contest! Congrats to all!

The gaw is on-going, just like your photo contest, my friend @melinda010100. The next one is a secret gaw with the intent to reward consistent followers, similar to this one! Thank you for your support, my friend... I appreciate you!❤️

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You are very generous and your contest is great! I'll be around, for sure!

Congratz to the happy winners!!

Haha yeah...steemit has been kind funky for posting these days hasn't it! Glad it's back...well sorta working at least!! Hope you had a great weekend!! xox

I hope that they're done with what they have to do. I really do not understand much about how things run in steemit, hehehe. I just post to share my journey in life, specifically my journey to save in precious metals. and lately, I've taken to appreciating common flowers here... which will all be gone soon. I appreciate you for coming by, my friend, @ladybug146! Have a beautiful day! Take care.

I hope they are done tinkering too!! It's hard to stay away for 2 days haha. I don't know much about the technical blockchain stuff either, I just like reading personal experiences about life of regular folks around the world. I Think that's pretty awesome. I wish I could post about pm's right now. Soon I hope. Maybe I can find a coin shop that needs silverporn for their business/advertisement and get my fix that way.

Flowers are definitely cool, I enjoy anything nature tho. I wish they could stay year round, the leaves are falling off the trees here. We do have an indoor flower conservatory where I live so I can always go visit flowers there when I miss them. Have a great day too!! :)

Lucky you!!! WOW, it must be great to be able to visit the flowers from the conservatory! Beautiful blooms for sure!

Well those are two totally deserving winners. What a sweet thing for you to do! :)

I originally announced this GAW as a one-winner event. But then I decided on giving away three silver pieces! So actually, there were 3 winners... @kerrislravenhill, @silverd510, and @tattoodjay! I am excited to send them silver as a token of gratitude! I really want to show my appreciation for the support I receive here. So my Gift of Gratitude is on-going. Aloha, @katrina-ariel! Mahalo's for stopping by!

I love how sweet you are and so generous 🤗
Congrats to all winners and well deserved 😉👍❤️ much love.... Its a Great thing you do and think of The many smiles you bring my sweet Sister 😘

Thank you for your friendship, sweet @saffisara!!! Right back at you, my stacking sis...

Congratulations to the winners, to the others and myself, better luck next time 👏👏🥰🙏🤗

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...and there is a next time, and the next, @clitadias. It is a secret GAW that is on-going!!! Have a beautiful day !!

Thank you very much my thoughtful bestie. Much appreciated.🌹

Of course you are a winner, bestie... always!!!

We love you saver! 😍👍👍

We love you too, @thedamus. And I miss you, my friend!

Cool contest @silversaver888. Thanks for the chance and congrats to @kerrislravenhill!!

Stay tuned, my friend @summertooth! I have silver gifts of gratitude for the next secret GAW! Thanks for visiting my blog during the just past 10 day period. Take care😀!

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Congrats to the winners :)

Edit: duh I just saw I was one of the winners LOL

good to see some parts of Steemit Working ;)

My response to this comment went to the main body of comments... please check it out, @tattoodjay.☺️

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Dragonly Delighted! Thank you so much Sis! Seems like the last eight months my stacking were only from Contest wins and gifts with the exception of some Constitutional just to treat Perseverant Stackitis symptoms. A gift in gratitude on a long weekend without Steem. Today you've gave the #Steemsilvergold something to be thrilled about.

You are the grand winner, sis @kerrislravenhill!! What US Constitutional silver do you want? I do have some and I’d like to send one to you with the Dragon, sis!!! Congratulations! There were only 10 in this drawing, and four spots were yours and @silverd510. The odds were stacked on either one of you. I had so much fun and so pleasantly surprised when your name was pick!😀😀😘😘

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For US Consitutional I usually focus on Rosie dimes, finished my first roll before the summer and it took a long time to accumulate my first roll.

Then you should start your roll of Winged Liberty Head dime! The price of silver has really gone up from the time I started this GAW. I am happy that it did, but I will have to slow down on the ASE goal and add weight with just generic rounds. I do not wish for my average cost to go any higher than what it is. I have never come close to approaching break-even in my averageb cost of my silver stack as today with the 19.45 spot price.

I may try and scrounge up for a generic 10 bar at the VCBE outlet and it will depend on how much I spend at the coming local coin show and avoiding surprise expenses. Punkys Dad will be treating me to some coins in lieu of doing Diabetic foot care for his wife as a big "Tip" in silver. (Got a little shopping list of ship or Caribbean themed coins)

Thank you silversaver888! You've just received an upvote of 88% by thejollyroger!

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Thanks, @thejollyroger!

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I'm happy

Thanks for adding me but better luck next time

My gift of gratitude gaw is on-going, my friend @teenagecrypto! Thank you for your support and friendship 😀!

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have a good shiny day

I think I am the Biggest WINNER, your friendship is more priceless than Silver OR... Gold! You have turned this community on it's head,

Sadie Savers 😍😊😋❣❗💕😘

Nope... I AM the biggest winner to have all the support and friendships of all the wonderful people listed in this article and for all silent supporters who upvoted the past 10 days. And you helped me in a special way this giveaway! I appreciate you, @underground🥰☺️👍

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Hoping to do moar for you very soon


Hehehe, congratulations, my friend @tattoodjay! Please visit my previous article to choose the silver you want!!!!

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thanks I just saw that post and I love the dragon one, The Norse 1 oz Silver Round | World of Dragons Series
Thanks again you just made a bad day so much better ;)

You got it!!!! Awesome choice, and I am ordering one for myself too!

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Thanks again, good to see at least Palnet is working for commenting and upvoting most of the other sites thats not working yet

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