👀Eye Candy👀

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I am going to be publishing subtle posts that brings pleasure to the 👀👀EYES👀👀.

Also know as 👀EYE CANDY👀

The photos in the posts will include all of my interests and hobbies. Which are silver ingots, physical crypto currency coins, cars, knives, and bank notes!

Highlighting a couple of my hobbies!

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I like that Tombstone piece

Very popular! Tombstone, Arizona

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That Tombstone tombstone is super-dope!


I Will chime in too. I Love that Tombstone Pieces @silveringots

Yea buddy!! A few on eBay right now I think. Don't come up often

Yea buddy!! A few
On eBay right now I think.
Don't come up often

                 - silveringots

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Not to repeat what everyone likes but.....
A tombstone Silver bar!!!!!🤗
So nice!!!!!😀

Yess! Tombstone, AZ local


What a cute little Tombstone bar!


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