#SteemSilverGold Membership List and how to join!steemCreated with Sketch.

Hello #SteemSilverGold, it has been decided that this bot will now maintain the membership list.

This should make things easy for everyone and the list will always be up to date and available for everyone. Just check out who this bot is following and that's our members, we would encourage you to follow and support other members as well.

If somehow I'm not currently following you and you have been an active member here please comment below. As well as new members please comment below to be considered for membership.

There is currently not any strict requirements to join, but we do need to ensure we are only permitting active and valuable members in the community. Please be engaged in posting or commenting/voting others on the #steemsilvergold tag.

Source -ShutterStock (obviously)
We are still in need of a proper image for this bot, but until then I will borrow this one from shutter stock.

The second thing I want to suggest to everyone is following this account on SteemVoter.

If your not familiar with this, it's a third party website that many user use to cast votes on there behalf. You can add your favorite community members and friends to automatically cast votes for them whenever they post so you never miss a post. You can set the voting weight and time. This is a great way to stretch your vote as a minnow without a slider and also maximize your own curation reward by voting at that 30 minute sweet spot.
It is not mandatory at this time to follow this account but it is highly recommended, and may change in the future. It will only help this account grow and further support you in the long run and all other members. I would hope you all choose to follow with a 100% Vote commitment. I will also commit to you that I will not post more than once per day from this account. Of course you can also just manually vote for these posts whenever you see them. Also remember votes for @silvergoldbotty's comments will also help.

I will link you to this post HERE from the minnow support project that explains exactly how to use steemvoter.

Lastly a quick thanks for donations I have received

@Goldenarms sent us 5SBD, he's always sharing that boy!
@agscotskiwi and @fat-elvis both also sent 1SBD each.

Of course my master @phelimint couldn't let those guys show him up so he matched those donations of 7 SBD.

It is greatly appreciated but not required or suggested.

You guys should add those boys to you steemvoter too and show them your appreciation as well...lol.

Last thing don't forget to vote for @guiltyparties as witness, it will also really help support us.
Instructions are on his post below.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Good to be a member of SteemSilverGold

Sneaky Ninja Attack!!
You have just been defended for a $3.92 upvote!

To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of the townspeople of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア).

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I stay mighty and continue to defend and protect!

I was summoned by @phelimint, a proud member of #thealliance.

I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...


Don't forgot resteeming my posts will also help to get the word out!


Resteemed! Awesome job to everyone involved!

Great idea!
Just keep voting for #steemsilvergold postings...
This community is breaking out and making trending tags!
Got you promoted and a randowhale!

Ok you made the list and I checked it twice. I'm officially in...nice!

I'm interested in learning more for sure

I've got you all set up in steemvoter. This bot is backed by @ironshield 100% baby!


Nice man! Appreciate it, and thanks for getting it started, I think others will follow suit.

nice poste

I want you to keep that ShutterStock profile picture. I love hot chicks made of silver!

Hello, I have been active in the community, I thought I was added previous;y, but I just checked the active list and an not included, thank you


Thx for letting me know you are most certainly in.


Hello, I've checked the updated list and still have not been added to the membership (13 days now). Please check again. Thanks, as I have been active and helping this grow.


Hey there, sorry for this oversight and thanks for the reminder. You have been added.

Hi could i please be considered for membership please \o/ many thanks

I've been a steem-silver-gold-bee since b4 there was a thing, I'm just solidifying my place in the community! Great Idea, Guys and Gals! Do we send the donations to @silvergoldbotty directly?
I wish to delegate some SP and I have some SBD burning a hole in my pocket... LOL!


Hey man, sorry I missed you on the list somehow you've been added. Right now the donations for the lease are completed and I don't want to lose track of yours at this time. If you wanted to delegate some SP over, that would be awesome though.

That was a big let down for me... Not seeing my name on the list of those you're following...


Hey man, I know your active, but when I checked, you never vote on any of her posts, it's been discussed for weeks that that would be the new expectation, sorry. Feel free to start casting some votes on her and we'll get you back on for next month.


I awarded her with a 7 + dollar, 100% up-vote on a comment
she sent me just 3 days ago... I'm different than most people...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange