Stax's is getting real today and laying it out all there!

Hey guys, I’m going to use real words here, no numbers no math, no algorithms nothing confusing to lay a few things out.

Essentially the free ride is over, there’s not more something for nothing. There has been on ongoing push from within the community (that I agree with) to remove some people from getting free votes from Stax every day. There are lots of guys making shit post, like 4-6times/day that rarely or never vote for Stax getting rewards for nothing. Others that do contribute very little have been getting too large a portion.

The math is all balanced out to ensure if you want to give back and support the bot, you will in fact get more back in the end, this is because we’ve now reached a critical mass that the bot is becoming self supporting, she is cannibalizing herself and giving all her SBD (over 1000STEEM last month) back into the community. So it’s starting to become an investment in steem for some members and a damn good one.

There has been a call for over 2 months to eliminate the votes towards the members that give nothing, last month I pushed it aside, but now it’s growing, it’s been voted on and received a resounding yes vote and it will proceed. Everyone will always remain a member of #steemsilvergold and that list will be maintained by @silverstackeruk, but everyone will no longer receive a vote for nothing.

Everyone for months has been calling for everyone to vote 100% on Stax’s daily posts and over 30-40 guys do, but the rest don’t over 100members have been getting a free ride. This was also started and promoted from the community. Okay, maybe it wasn’t laid out there and mandatory but now it is. So get over to steemvoter or whatever you want to use and set it up, make sure you’re voting 100% daily or no more votes, that’s it! Next month we may also add another small donation or delegation but for now just vote 100% the POST everyday to keep getting your votes.

Just to lay it out one more time it is now mandatory to vote Stax’s post with 100% voting power, every day! Dont worry about her comments if you want to vote them fine it’s a nice bonus, but make sure you vote her daily post!

Enough with the Rant, but while I’m here lets also have a history lesson.

Everything Stax has done has been community driven and following the will of the community. The idea to start her came from the community and I @phelimint appreciated the vision and agreed to do it. Seeing how central the follow bots were to the minnowsupport community and steemit overall; I felt it would help legitimize and establish our community. From the start I was more than happy to let her limp along and grow slowly and organically, although I did buy her first 200 STEEM right from blocktrades with my own money to help. Soon after her forming some other members saw the vision, namely @raybrockman and began to support her heavily. Then there was a call to lease delegation SP to help her grow and really give back. Some more unsolicited donations started to roll in. This was an untested pipe dream and we gave it a shot. That first month Ray and I gave 100Steem to test it out, last month Ray gave way the heck more than 100 (like 450 I think) and thedamus saw the vision and gave 100 along with myself, slowly more and more members are seeing the vision and giving more. STAX was also able due to the price pump of SBD to use all her SBD she earns though posts to purchase this lease. Shortly after inception the consensus was to try to provide weighted votes in return for how much donations were given to Stax. Calculating amounts for everyone and trying to balance the voting power became incredibly difficult and that’s why we’re move to tiers, it was proposed and discussed extensively. It’s been in the works for 1 month. The proposed tiers have been posted in almost every daily post for the last month and no one has a peep of concern, now there’s an uproar. Believe me the tiers are fair and everyone gets back much more then they give. Yes the smaller members get more and the bigger members get less, but in my mind that’s fair too, it helps support growth of the smaller members.

Now we’re really reached a critical mass and we have more donations then delegated SP leases currently available on the market. We will slowly work to rebalance as everyone grows to try to promote more delegations of SP from members internally, but for now most of the power is still coming from Leased SP that many members are paying into with steem they have donated.

While I’m ranting here, there is a hell of a lot of work happening in the background to make this all work. I see very little personal rewards; I donate heavily and get the same vote as everyone else. Stax’s post rewards are all reinvesting into the leases and back to everyone. I don’t mind, I see the vision, I’m happy and excited to see people benefiting and very happy with their votes and supports from Stax. Would I think it’s fair if I got some bonus extra vote in return, certainly, but I haven’t done it. If STEEM even does rise in value you all may be rich men because of this initiate and that some members were willing to support it. I am getting slightly annoyed, heck that’s make it very annoyed with the complaints and whining recently. This shouldn’t be a shock, it’s laid out every single day in Stax’s posts, there’s an ongoing dialogue from everyone. If you want to have you voice heard, show up and contribute to the conversation. Don’t show up all of sudden and complain and ask what the heck is happening. It’s all there “on the block” for everyone to read and take part in. Nothing is happening without community input and discussions.

Anyways I’ll leave it that, I hope it helps clarify some stuff, and no I’m not drunk from New Years either, I just think it was time to clear the air a bit and get some things out there.

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Okay now my turn to express my opinion this community has become a place that isn't what it used to be. You.have to donate to get support from the bottom but you can't earn money unless you get those upvotes or come out of pocket. I am not talking for myself but as we turn the clock to the new year I wonder what happened. I missed a few months due to illness but it came back to find this . By telling people you are in the group but don't get the support of the group. Is not what I signed up for I can donate the maximum each month but I would want it fairly spread out.

This is in no way meant to be an attack on any one person. I go pretty far back in the group but this needs to be addressed. This shouldn't have become a class system.


Here's your start kevin. Your on my steem voter. Get to posting. HAPPY NEW YEARS


how do I get on @raybrockman steem voter lol jk.


I got you buddy


What is steemvoter?


Pay for votes no? I think it's a good thing if all of the money is going back to the community as long as it doesn't go to the whales or the bots I don't care


I have to agree in that I have not had the chance to get on steem and post much other than upvoting articles I read and especially the steemsilvergold post.
But I understand there are some people that have put a lot of time and effort into this community.
Especially those mentioned, I got into this steemit account not that long ago, I remember thinking, this is the new Facebook, and was having a great time learning what steemit is, and then a great idea to launch a steemsilvergold community was brought up and I joined, I wanted to be a part of a group that had the same interest as me, especially silver, talk about prices, great coins to invest into, and subjects on the matter of people stacking and just which coins.
It’s great people putting a lot of time and effort into it, but it’s become more of a place that seems like you don’t pay you don’t play.
Sounds to familiar with recent politics.
I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing, up-voting some good post, and replies and enjoy myself here.
Steemit has brought people from all around the world together.
It will grow a lot bigger, and staying a small fish or if I can post more and grow, great! But to everyone out there, especially those that put so much time in effort, I wish everyone, a Very Happy and safe New Year.


If you don’t pay, you don’t get paid. Simple.

Come and play all day long!


I'm well aware how you feel!


And this isn't at you this is at the situation. I have always respected you I even was the one who suggested you for the steem rounds


I think the fact the Stax has grown so quickly and continues to grow. Something needs to put in place are the membership list would grow into a group of people after upvotes. I understand what you are saying about the group changing and members being sorted into levels. I not sure how to address that to be honest. I see the advantages as i post around 10 times a week. Phelimint does have to put up with alot of shit, dont mean you, just mean in general over the bot. I feel sorry for him some times taking on such a task 1 manned. lol

I upvote @silvergoldbotty at 100%, although I usually go back and hit the days I miss.

I guess I'm an old coot because I don't trust that voo-doo steem-voter thingie!!! It asks for too much information and wants to steal my votes.

Darn Kids and their new-fangled contraptions!

You dropped the fucking mic on that post. I could see it in my head say what you got to then walk away. You have done a hell of a job with botty and I thank you for that. As far as for everyone else , you are free to play, if you choose not to that's fine. You are still a member. But don't look for anything from the bot..... long over due and well said. Steemit is for real, this is not your regular social media, if you want that go back to Facebook.

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Rock on Phil!!!

I am recuperating right now, but 2018 is going to start with a BANG for Stax and i am going to personally pay more attention & more upvotes to YOU.

Thank you, thank you thank you, thank you!

Cheers! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [email protected]


Good Thought, it would not hurt any of us to throw Phil a little Cheddar, I think ;)


Phil is on my list...

You have my back Stax and i think this is what has to happen going forward. I understand concerns about there being membership level classes but i think it would be hard to justify 2 members getting a $2 upvote when one donates 100Steem and the other uses the group tag and votes Stax posts a few times every month. It look like a hard choices have had to be made and people are maybe over thinking this and have become too dependent on Stax. The group is changing but i think the core is the same.

Stack on my friends, happy 2018 STAX

Stax, Throw it out there and let the chips fall as they may. steemsilvergold got me active on steemit and silvergoldbotty came to life before my eyes.
Thanks for all the hard work @phelimint.

Happy New Year from @goldkey

I try to stay out of the whole drama that happens around here on steemit.
I'm not totally sure who is upset, but the membership tiers sounds like a perfect idea to me. That nickle tier is 10steem. As long as the SBD premium lasts, you will get that back in no time.
Plus, there should be a requirement of posting in #steemsilvergold atleast 1x per payment period - to remove freeloading.

** Happy New Years!

fuck yea I don’t read all the comments but I don’t see the reason people are bitching and complaining but keep it up we will be happy to be a part of this. thanks STAX and everyone else. when I started posting here and reading here I never expected anything except interaction from others. honestly I never even thought about botty. I didn’t expect upvotes so an upvote was a bonus. Why don’t others just enjoy the company of all of us? there are many other places to go and get upvotes if that’s all your worried about. THANKS ALL!

I think that sums it up well! I greatly appreciate Stax and the support and all the work being done. I can’t imagine how time consuming it’s been. But hopefully it’s all worth it in the end. Happy New Year Stax!

Very clear and much needed post. The work you and many do on this project are much appreciated. Have a good New Years celebration and here's to a great 2018!

Hey STAX I just read this and commented on your previous post. It's a little more lengthy and I'm not gonna repeat it here. I'm having some steemvoter issues and I will get you on my list shortly once I get it sorted out. Right now nobody I've set to autovote is getting votes and I can't log in :(

I know you are putting in a lot of extra time and I am grateful for that. One question I had was that are there still going to be dues or for right now is it just upvote each STAX post? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

OK! Steem-Voter it IS!
If the native STEEMIT Feed Page was not so crappy, I'd have made many more upvotes. I have so much going on that it's difficult to follow everyone I'm following ;) I have another major project that needs Steem-Votered, guess I will kill 2 Birds with one ROCK!
I know you miss me STAX-Baby, I will be around MORE! PROMISE!

  • Rob :D

PS: Should have just cut to the chase about a week ago, we're all adults here and I don't think any more or any less were offended by anything that was said. Plain Talk is Best! I have no problems with a mandatory vote, JUST TELL ME! Like you just did ;) Let's get this party started!
GO 2018!!!



Hiya Stax great job you've been doing with the housework it needed to be done! Just to let you know you upvoted my last post but missed the 2 posts before, it's no Biggie I know you're busy :-)

Glad you pointed me here. I'm going to have to set-up something now. I've been slacking with the upvotes, but don't think I've ever made 100% manually upvoting, but this decision seems fair.

I do see some good things here: in 18 hours (at the time of this comment), this post has received 61 comments, 267 views, 128 upvotes and a whopping $273.43. If the daily posts do this everyday, I think our bot will do just fine!

there is of a lot of work happening in the background to make this all work. I see very little personal rewards; I donate heavily and get the same vote as everyone else.

I really appreciate all the work put into this and the massive amount of personal investments. This bot has become a powerhouse. I've watched this bot come together over the last four months. Chats on discord, discussions in the comments, putting decisions to votes. It all takes time and effort. I'm glad to see all the effort.

I agree that the more people put into it, the more they should get back. I also agree that multiple posts a day with garbage should not receive upvotes from STAX. It's bot abuse that rewards trashy posts and drains the bot's VP. It must stop.



I agree with you man. One upvoted post per day is more than enough.

One team one dream. I've been on board since I started.

Ass gas or grass man, Nobody rides for free 😂 I've had a full house the last week with some out of town company. But I'm getting back on the horse 👍

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You got a 29.84% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @raybrockman!

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Nice work ray...”IN - COMING...!!!”

You've done a great job with STAX. Keep it up, let the cards fall where they may.

Ps. I am hoping to delegate a bit more soon!

Glad to be apart of the group in this new year! Nickle membership started today, but can I think of it as alpaca(nickle silver)? I would love to be a nobel metal member but do not have the funds as of yet.

Wishing that 2018 brings all of us more fortune!


My 2018 New Year's Resolution is to make it onto that tier list of members 😁

Hey Stax looking at the math if i upvote you 100% thats 3.50 per week To get about 1.6 back for my one post per week.Plus I changed my deligation to 250.Mabie the 100% is a bit much?Yes i am drunk from newyears but we are clearing the air! peace!


YES, But... if you don't use your VP, it just sits there, AND It rejuvenates for FREE.
Time it out properly, and you get like 10 free 100% UV per Day! MATH is your Friend! :D


I upvoted this 100% for the bot support even though I dont know if Im a member, so cheers!


Math is indeed one’s friend!


Yup, I know what you mean its nice to throw out big votes like that.I trail botty sometimes and notice that some people post alot more than others thats all!

  ·  last year (edited)

If you're just posting once per week send your own money to a booster (like stax) and just roll along growing your own posts. This is just economics. Nonreason for anyone to get upset


Not upset at anybody,Love botty and the silvergold group! Happy Newyears everyone!


Happy New Year 4sun!

I have to vote on the posts on this account?

Hi, how do I become part of the steemsilvergold community?

I endeavor to remain out of the entire show that occurs around here on steemit.

I'm not absolutely beyond any doubt who is disturbed, but rather the enrollment levels seem like an ideal plan to me. That nickle level is 10steem. For whatever length of time that the SBD premium keeps going, you will recover that in the blink of an eye.

In addition, there ought to be a necessity of posting in #steemsilvergold no less than 1x for each installment period - to expel freeloading.

Upvoted and resteemed

Good post, This gives me an idea!!!! stay tuned

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Happy New year

Good information,

The truth we the community make the place better and together we create the opportunity for limitless earning potential !!!!

Happy New Year !!!!

New year, new ways, new decoration, new work, new joy, new love, new possibilities, let your heart touch newness. "Happy new year"

I'm new here. I just find stax and Your community. Is there any guide or introduction? With rules for community?

I find this all fine and dandy, so long as @silvergoldbotty
never, ever Up-Votes, His/Her own Posts...
I'll be checking to see if I still fit in with this group...

COIN MAN by @pocketechange


Why not?

Wtf is the problem with people here not wanting to succeed financially... if it was “against” any policy it would be disallowed from the platfoem from the get go...

Wow. I thought it was pretty clear where things were headed. By consensus. I’m still pushing toward enough SP to up my delegation to 250. I will hit it this week for sure.

Getting confused...What shall I do

Thanks for the update :)

Hope you all had a great new year!

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 35.08% vote... I was summoned by @raybrockman! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Manipulation down, as expected, for precious metals. Some day it will stop

I always try to vote for all community posts every day.

Very good iformation shared


Activated the Steem-Voter, see if it works? :D

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Now that’s what i’m talking about!

Amazing posting.
Your posting is great. Keep it up.