Yo Eleven......

in steemsilvergold •  3 months ago

Evening my friends....

What a crazy day......

I need to get a post in, so I’m gonna show off a pair of silver dice that I bought last time I was in Las Vegas.

They are made by NWTM which has gone out of business since then. They had a high premium then and are even higher now.

Take a look....



That’s all I’ve got folks, hope you enjoyed....


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Nice! Those look great!

I always liked dices, since I was a child. Silver + dices = amazing combination!


They have a great feel to they. I couldn’t agree with you more.

@silverd510 awesome items for sure! I think dice are the perfect vehicle to show the weight and feel of silver. They take something familiar and then put that added value to it and they work so well as pocket pieces. Thanks for sharing!!


They roll outstanding. The weight gives them such momentum.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Wicked Dice D! :)


Thanks my friend. They are really cool.👍


Those are badass!!! Backgammon anyone?


I knew you’d like these. Paid way too much for them, but it’s the only ones I had ever seen before in person.


Trés cool buddy!

I remember looking at them before they closed wish I would have gotten them and the .22lr pours they had oh well lol live and learn


The only time I’ve ever seen them was in Vegas. I way over paid for them but I have them.


they use to come up on ebay all the time but with prices what they are I doubt that anymore

Damn! I need those! 1 oz each 😂

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If I didn’t way over pay for them I’d sell them to you. I paid $80 for the set. Very dumb but what the hell...


Shesh! 200% markup but it does look cool 😅

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Yup...I wanted to have a pair of those!!! Great pick-up, and how appropriate... from LV!