Time for some winners.....

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Good morning or afternoon my friends.....

The raffle is full and it’s time to announce the winners.....

This raffle is for three separate pieces of silver.

How it will work:

There will be a first place winner, which will be for the Silver Shield 2018 AK47 round, a second place winner which will receive the one ounce flowing hair round, and a third place winner will receive the 1934-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

Lets do this......

(1) @thedamus
(2) @thedamus
(3) @thedamus
(4) @thedamus
(5) @thedamus
(6) @thedamus
(7) @thedamus
(8) @silversaver888
(9) @brian.rrr
(10) @thedamus
(11) @gomatthew
(12) @silveringots
(13) @thedamus
(14) @fat-elvis
(15) @bengy
(16) @brian.rrr
(17) @thedamus
(18) @silversaver888
(19) @summertooth
(20) @saffisara
(21) @fat-elvis
(22) @brian.rrr
(23) @thedamus
(24) @bengy
(25) @corndogg42
(26) @brian.rrr
(27) @bengy
(28) @silversaver888
(29) @thedamus
(30) @bengy
(31) @saffisara
(32) @thedamus
(33) @silveringots
(34) @brian.rrr
(35) @saffisara
(36) @thedamus

Here are the prizes.....




Now to random.org


First place Silver Shield AK47 Round


And the winner is......@thedamus.....

Second place One ounce Flowing Hair Round


And the winner is......@thedamus again....

Third place 1943-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar


And the winner is......@brian.rrr

Congratulations to both @thedamus & @brian.rrr

Thank you all for playing.




Congrats TD and Brian!!! Nice raffle 510!

Wow, awesome! Thanks my friend!!

I think I'm going to try @thedamus way of winning lol congrats everyone


A to the K mofo, A to the K!!!

Thanks 510! Awesome raffle 😁🤩😁




Congratulations! At least it wasn't @thedamus taking all three!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Great raffle mate thedamus is hoovering it up!

Congrats to the winners. Thanks for hosting @silverd510

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