The Perth Mint.

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I found this cool video on YouTube about the Perth Mint, I thought the steemsilvergold community might find interesting.

I have been to the Perth Mint on holidays and can recommend that if you are ever in Perth it's well worth a visit.

I was very impressed with the gold bar collection they have in their vault, it was amazing with a lot of history to tell.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.


I wish the Perth mint would deliver that pallet to my house, lol. :-)

Sounds like a bloody good idea to me agaupt, I will go you halves mate, cheers.

Great video very interesting, I bet the workers go through a metal detector on the way out. Cheers mike

I bet you are right about that, they have a shit load of gold go through that joint, cheers mate.

I will put it on my bucket list @silverbug, thanks for the video it was interesting.

Do yourself a favour mate you won't be disappointed, cheers.

I most definitely will, thanks for that @silverbug.

Very nice ! I got a video from the Canadian Mint am considering uploading lol

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Yeah put it on, I would like to see it, thanks mate cheers.

I've been to Perth a couple of times, but before I started stacking, or had even heard of the Perth mint. Definitely on the to-do list for next time.

It's awesome, the kids will like it too. They do a gold pour a few times throughout the day, that's pretty interesting, cheers mate.

Should I visit Australia, I think I will have the Perth Mint in my iienarary. Thye make some of the top quality silver and gold products!

I can personally guarantee you not to be disappointed, it's awesome, cheers.

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