Dad is this gold?

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A dad and his two daughters were out on a busk walk on the outskirts of Bendigo, Victoria Australia on Mother's day.

Picture: by NONI HYETT sourced from the Bendigo Advertiser.

One of the daughters tripped over a rock and after looking at it she said hey "dad is this gold". The father had a look and said I think so and headed to the local shops to weigh it.

Picture: by NONI HYETT sourced from the Bendigo Advertiser.

The nugget is 624 grams or 20 ounces in weight and the gold is worth about AUS$35,000

If you would like to read more you can follow this link for the full story.

Thanks for stopping by for a look, cheers.

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Wow, that's a instant gold stacker cool. :o)

I would love to add that to my stack mate, cheers.

That's a lovely story good for them.

It was a very happy ending to that story wasn't it, cheers mate.

Lucky buggier, 20oz happy days. Thanks mike

It was a nice mothers day gift, cheers mate.

Unfortunately all the rocks I have ever tripped over were not Gold😠

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She's a beauty, cool kid too, cheers mate.

When I trip on a rock, it's just a worthless rock. Maybe I need to trip on rocks more often, increase my chances. :-)

You have to make sure you are tripping over the rocks in the right area, Lol, cheers mate.

With my luck, my 3yr old would trip over it, then proceed to throw it in a river/lake/deep hole!!

I don't know how it works in AUS, but here in the UK we wouldn't "own" that hold and wouldnt be able to claim it. The wicked witch of the west (Elizabeth Windsor) would try and claim it....

I think your 3yr old would struggle to throw this rock, Lol. In Australia it's finders keepers when it comes to gold nuggets. In some states you are supposed to have a fossicking permit from the gruberment to go looking, cheers mate.

Amazing story!

It was a pretty lucky find wasn't it, cheers mate.

thats fantastic! I've heard alot of people in Australia finding nuggets easily, the lack of vegetation and rainfall make sunbakers pretty easy to snipe with a metal detector. I also live in a good deposit area, along the goldrush trail. not hard to pick nuggets but definitely needs a metal detector since there is alot of vegetation.