Check out this Amazing Laughing Buddha 2019 1oz Silver and Jade Coin.

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Check out this new innovative coin from the Perth Mint which has a Jade Laughing Buddha incorporated into it's design.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

It has 1 troy oz of 99.99% pure Silver with a cool antiqued finish.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

The coin has a tiny mintage of just 3,000 coins world wide and retails for Aus$140.00.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

The coin comes in this awesome acrylic display case so you can show it off to your family and friends.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

If you would like to find out more about this coin you can follow this link.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.


That's certainly a new technique, looks great I like it. :-)

It's pretty cool looking coin isn't it, cheers mate.

Yeah I still can't get past the Tuvalu part mate. :-)

I love the display case it looks great with this beautiful coin.

It would look awesome on display, it looks great doesn't it cheers.

I saw this in some email a few days ago! Such a crazy coin! But I do love it. 💚

It's an amazing looking coin isn't it, I just got an email yesterday as well, cheers.

A Chinese fellow told me that one must rub the tummy of the Buddha statue for good luck, wasn't sure if he was just kidding.

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Yes I have heard the same thing as well and I have done it too, Lol cheers.

Yes I have heard the
Same thing as well and I have
Done it too, Lol cheers.

                 - silverbug

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