Check out these Awesome Coca Cola Cap 2018 Silver & Gold Proof Coins.

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Check out this Awesome Coca Cola Cap 2018 1oz 99.9% Gold Proof Coin, it is legal tender for Fiji.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

And this is the stunning 2018 6 gram 99.9% silver Proof Coin, it is legal tender for Fiji.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

If you would like to find out more about this coin you can follow this link.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.


Those are amazing but they would be better if they were beer bottle cap, lol. If they were I would probably buy one. :-)

I will agree with that mate, Lol cheers bro.

Don't mind the concept as there are many people that collect antique Coke memorabilia, but 4,000 USD for a 1 ounce proof is a bit crazy.....I'll wait til they start circulating in the open market and the premiums creep back toward spot....Could be 10 years, just like rolling a new car off the lot.

Yeah it's a crazy premium that's for sure, I nearly choked on my coffee when I saw the price. What about the silver one it's like $200 for just 6 grams, cheers mate.

Nice, but unusual. Cheers mike

They are a crazy price too, I was to scared to even put the prices on, Lol, cheers.

Yes , although very nice I’m going to stick with the bullion coins. Cheers mike

Wow they are awesome I haven't seen a coin like these before, very original.

It's is very different aren't they lyrica, cheers mate.

Really nice!!! Are you getting them?

Not with the massive premium on these babies, I wasn't game enough to put the selling price. If I put the price everyone would be yelling at me, Lol cheers mate.

Thats sure the dumbest idea for a coin I have seen so far. I mean, Darth Vader or Mickey Mouse is already weird, but Coca Cola bottle caps? What the hell is wrong with those Fiji guys, too much sun or something? Makes you wonder what they come up with next.
But thanks for showing it, anyway.

Each to their own I say mate, their are a lot of collectors out there. The silver one have actually sold out at the mint and they have a massive premium on them too, cheers mate.

Cool, for those who Stack Pop culture Nostalgia ... oh the amount of sugar in 12oz serving of Coke. Does remind me of that computer game my kids played...Fallout? Where bottle caps are currency.

The way the world is heading we may be using bottle caps to pay in the future, I remember the first time I found out how much sugar was in that shit I stopped drinking it for good, cheers.

i have the silver one . It's amazing.

Cool!! they are very different coin aren't they, glad you are happy with your purchase mate cheers.

Like the subject matter but the price for these types of collectables seems so out there for me. If they make you happy go with it but I always foresee a large loss when dealing in these. Thanks for sharing!!

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The mark up on these coins is ridiculous, I would never buy one of these, but they are very nice coin to look at, cheers mate.

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