Back to Steemit and started a coin collection for my new baby boy!

I haven’t been active much for the last few weeks but I really like Steemit and am going to be trying to become more active again. I just joined Steemit a couple months ago and am very happy I did. I have met and conversed with great people and learned a lot about many different things. The thing I like best about Steemit is the community. There is so much positive energy and generosity. It is such a great break from the usual trolls and negativity I see so much of on the internet.

I haven’t been active much because of some big life changes. A few weeks ago my family and I moved, a week before that I started a new job, and 11 weeks ago my wife and I had our 1st baby (both baby and Mom are doing great btw)! My new job is going well too, it’s more hours and more stressful but is better pay, and I am pretty happy there.

And for the silver fans… you can bet I already started a coin collection for my son. My wife picked out the 1st piece the day he was born and we had this cool owl coin in our hands just a few days later.

Thanks for being such a great community everyone and welcoming me into it. Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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It sounds like you've got everything under control. Enjoy that new little person.

Congrats on the Baby, job, and the mover, and smart move on the silver for the little one.


Thanks raybrock, and hopefully I can pack some gold in there too one day!


Wait till that silver amd gold ratio hits 40 to 1 and then trade some silver for gold.

I got my kids their birth year proof sets


Very cool! I plan on getting him his birth year too, as well as mine too (already got my wifes covered)

Congrats on the new addition! Way to go on starting him young!


Thanks stn!

Eleven weeks old and stackin' already....nice.


You know it! I want to get him a 2017 maple leaf, philharmonic, kooka, koala, and libertad too to add to his stack this year.


Very cool. Way to be proactive

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