Restacking my stack to treat my stackitus.

in steemsilvergold •  10 months ago

Well its Sunday and I got the itch, but nothing is open. So I think its time to rework my stack a bit. I could no longer neatly organize it, so it time to take a look and what my options are.

Just to make it interesting, I pulled out the same value for each based on that of a 1/10th gold


Doing the fuzzy math that works out to be

For too long I was scooping up as much 90% as I could because I kept finding it for at or underspot and I couldn't get myself to pay premiums. I have been keeping all of my 90% in those great square coin safe coin tubes. Helps keep everything where it should be to keep the coins from fighting. I really hate it when the mercury dimes team up and beat up my Roosevelts. Don't believe? Here is the proof, and the damage goes both ways.


As great as those tubes are, they add a lot of space, making those dimes take up a lot of room, vs quarters vs halves. Moving forward, I need to stay away from dimes or quarters unless they are Mercs or Barbers. I wish I had the personality to be able to just dump it all in a box or a bag and not separate it out. I could double my stack in the same footprint.

End result - time to trade up my 40%. Too much space for too little silver. I want get a denser form of AG. Getting something new always help scratch the itch.

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We gotta add some hand poured to that stack


You have noticed that have been stalking all your posts!

The only thing close to hand poured I have so far is a few pieces from monarch, but nothing like that 2oz slug you have!


come to the dark side. We have cookies 😀

You are like me. I have tubes of American junk silver (90%), Canadian junk silver (80%) and Brazilian junk silver (90%) but I hate the American 40% silver. Too much space for so little silver...


Brazilian 90% junk.... now that is something I need look into. I don't think I have seen that at my LCS.


I am a Brazilian and I bought it there.

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