Ten Ounce Silver Shield Bar Featuring the One, the Only...Jesus... Christ!

in steemsilvergold •  6 months ago

Here’s a 10 oz bar from Silver Shield depicting Jesus casting the money changers out of the temple

If the “powers that be” hadn't decided his fate yet, surely after stepping on the bankers toes he was as good as crucified.

The back of the bar :D
lots of SS/BS fans out there... I have a few of their pieces

Here’s the edge.

I’m running seriously low on pics of 10 ouncers. If I can't get back to the vault soon I may need to miss a couple of days :-/ Oh well, we’ll survive. Thanks for checking out today’s post!

Sbs ChanBar2.gif

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ssg toon.jpeg

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Very nice! I have two on the way. I'm taking advantage of the low spot price to stack-up!!!

My first look this beautiful beautiful bar!!! Very , very nice. I know they make several religious inspired rounds. Thanks for sharing, @sbsparts!

Guys like you we call "bar types" in my country :)

That bar is awesome. Looks like he's dabbing! :)


I’m pretty sure JC invented that move.

A beautiful series of 10oz bars. To those religious minded, this is the most dear to their heart.

My friend, I left you a message on discord. I am Ronaldo there...



"It's not spending money on silver. It's honoring Jesus! We want to honor Jesus by getting at least 100 ounces, right?" :D

I was thinking about picking that up, but didn’t pull the trigger. Nice bar👍

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold