Wednesdaysilver - APMEX Year Of The Dragon 2012 1oz

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Happy wednesday my amazing peeps 🤗

I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic week.
I got some new silver today and its actually 2 completley different ones I Will share.
First one probably wont surprise you as you know I love them dragons 😜🐉🐲

So lets take a look shall we? 😉👍

APMEX Year Of The Dragon 2012 1oz


I absolutly love this silver bar and its details are so beautiful!


I seen many dragons and I have one round of year of the dragon but its not as cool as this one 😍 really shiny and as @enginewitty said... Your phone is showing in it 😜 lol


And holding silver is always a BIG shiver 😋 lol


Made me smile bigtime , and I do have a rather big collection of dragons now...
And steady growing !


The coin Im going to share now, is one you haven't seen me share before.
Its a little like my yin yang amulett silver, unique and not one I usually buy.
But then for some reason, every once in a while a different coin or bar is getting my attention. And I just have to go for it 😁 lol
This is one Just like that! Beautiful!

Monarch Silver 1/2 oz! Egytian Style!!!


I Loove this one so much and the details on it are amazing!


Not like any other coin I have, and one Im proud to add into my collection 😊 WOOT!
Stacking makes me happy and its been a hard time lately for me in many ways, so to be able to do what I love helps sooo much 😍
And amazing friends as well 😘 Priceless!!


Have a wonderful evening everyone and be kind to each other 🤗❤️🤗


Make someone Smile today...and don’t forget to find a little something to be grateful for each Day 🤗 makes a Happy heart

Why did the pirate refuse to say, "Aye, Aye, Captain"?

Because he's only got one eye! Buwahahaha



STACK ON my peeps... I always do... I se a shiny object 😍 I ge all excited and drools like a hungry pirate... Aaaarrrr 😁

Have a wonderful evening and Stay AWSOME 🤗 don't forget to be YOU ❤️


Proud member off the @ssg-community and #steemsilvergold and my amazing Stack Sisters #ladiesofssg4eva


Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it!🌸

20180629_201507 (1).jpg

@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻

Thank you @thekittygirl 💖

Haven't tried Partiko yet?
Give it a Go:

Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner❤️

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Very nice round and nice dragon bar, sweet @saffisara! Stack on, my friend!

Im glad you liked it my friend, and I really love The egyptic round 😉 special.
The silver dragon bar was a Great one to. I hope you are having a fantastic evening. Much love 🤗❤️🤗

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The Pirate Joke Busts me Up Everytime.......@saffisara

I'm glad you like the jokes 😁 I love jokes myself and think its a fun touch to add in the posts 😂Lol
I hope you are having a wonderful week my friend. Much love 🤗🌹🤗

What does pure gold taste like? Crunchy...Because it is comprised of 24 carrots 😜 lol

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Although still pleased with my recent acquisition of 4 Eagles, your troy dragon left me with mouth agape and envious. 😎


Those are both really neat pieces. :)

The Apmex Dragon bar is fabulous, I recall having the round version but not quite sure where I hid it.

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If I know you then it is with a chest guarded by a mystic spell. Just a feeling my pirate sister!

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More dragons 🐉 for Saffi! 💕 And that monarch round is sooo unique. Good stuff!

The dragon bar is cool but Monarchs Egyptian series is spectacular! I would love to get all of the items but the cost always holds me back. Thanks for sharing!!

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Cool collection my dear 💖💐💕🤗

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