EOS - Time to buy

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Reasons to buy - my doggie brain thoughts.

In the crypto world we have the heavy weights, the household names such as Grand Daddy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, plus a few others.

Then we have the pocket change myriad of alt-coins (aka every man and his dog).

Then there's EOS, the coin that's been such a long time coming it's pretty much a household name as Bitcoin.


The EOS blockchain finally launched last Sunday and is currently priced at just under $10.

The first block however is not on the tracks yet though as only half the voting has been completed for choosing the block producers.

EOS is essentially an Ethereum application platform with the bugs and limitations ironed out and having far greater functionality.
There's a whole bunch of people invested and interested in developing on this blockchain.

EOS may benefit from the 'Berwick' effect.

Last but not least Dan the man Larimer, the guy behind our beloved Steemit platform is the creator.

Worth a gamble if you ask me!


I agree 100%. This sub 10$ price was bound to happen. But I expect bigger things to come for EOS. When the crypto market rises, EOS could very well lead the charge, so to speak.

It's a keeper and I hope somebody makes a wallet that collects all them airdrops for us!